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Intensify your daily skin defense measures

2384912380 29f7133f69 o Intensify your daily skin defense measures

While I’ve been turning to more natural and organic skincare products in my daily beauty regime, I feel I need to provide my skin with active repair and protection by going deeper with peels, retinol, antioxidants and possibly lasers to smooth out and tighten lax skin while spurring collagen production. 

My objective is to bolster my skincare regime and a healthy lifestyle with the least invasive anti-aging treatments to give me stunning results as my skin matures. So it was with this intention that I visited the dermatologist this morning, hoping to receive some form of immediate rejuvenating treatments to lighten up my pigmentation and minimize my pores. 

Tips to optimize your beauty sleep

2383594224 1e38cfb7c7 o Tips to optimize your beauty sleep

We’ve all heard or read about how sleep is the cheapest and easiest anti-aging treatment available but apparently, beauty sleep isn’t just about getting enough nocturnal rest and there are some strategies involved.  Here, I’ll just cover three tips on how to optimize your beauty sleep which I have found to be interesting.

Skin sins: smoking, alcohol & caffeine

2382138028 8a94f7bd8d o Skin sins: smoking, alcohol & caffeine

Besides the fact that smoking as well as drinking alcohol and caffeine are bad for your health, they are also bad for your beauty as these can accelerate the aging process of your skin.

A review of L’Occitane best sellers

2376220767 8a01c47547 o A review of LOccitane best sellers

L’Occitane is a line of high quality body care, skincare and fragrance products made from organic essential oil and shea butter.   I’ve reviewed a couple of their products – many of which are L’Occitane best sellers – and for the convenience of my readers, I’m summarizing and consolidating them under one single post here.