Dermagold: Simply Effective Skincare Solutions That Feel Great And Work Wonders

If you're serious about improving the condition of your skin and are looking for a fuss-free skincare system that actually works, I would recommend Dermagold. The reason? Not because I'm paid to do so but rather, I have confidence in the products and the people behind the brand for I have tried them and am impressed with how well they'd delivered according to their promises. When did I use the products? Well, I ...

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Almond-Honey Sugar Scrub

DIY Beauty: Happy Sugar Scrub For Hands And Lips

If you think eating too much sugar is bad for your health, consider using some on your skin because sugar is the way to go for a cheap and good scrub! It's way better than salt as it won't sting or bite. In fact, many brands I know carry one sugar scrub in their product slate. But instead of spending the money purchasing a sugar scrub, how about making one on your own? And all you really need is to dig in into what ...

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How do you like my new blog design and layout?

Have you ever done something only to regret immediately, wondering what in the world came over you? Well, that just described how I felt when I decided to change my blog design. Given my lack of time to even blog, I seriously wasn’t thinking when I purchased the new theme to install. My only explanation is: I like to surprise myself sometimes. But I certainly hope you have noticed it and are liking it. (^_^) I ...

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Keep Calm And Shampoo On With KIN Kinactif Calm Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp

I don't change shampoos that frequently. Okay, maybe a couple of times in a year just because I like to try new stuff. But unlike skincare, I'm a lot stricter about what I use on my hair. I mean for someone with an oily crown of hair that isn't too thick, I'll be a fool to take my hair for granted. So when I do try a new shampoo, I have very specific requirements. First, the shampoo should not be formulated with ...

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