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Purse-friendly vintage inspired fashion

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It just looks like we still can’t get enough of the vintage vogue with many savvy and stylish shoppers including celebs like Kate Moss, Kylie and Posh Spice turning to retro fashion with an individual twist.  And it’s no wonder since vintage really offers a much more unique eclectic style over the mass-made. 

The great news for us is that right here at home, we are also seeing more offerings of vintage inspired fashion, clothing and accessories with customer friendly prices. 

Designer inspired chic arm candies at a steal

2316270286 9ef23a2c2e o Designer inspired chic arm candies at a steal

According to All The Rage at Los Angeles Times, the “it” bag, defined as a status purse that costs more than a round-trip ticket to Paris and a favorite among stylish affluent women, is officially dead.  Why?  Because there are no more limited edition so to speak when 100,000 women are seen carrying the same bag as soon as it is launched.  So instead of coveting after and splurging on the “it” bag, maybe it’s better to turn our attention on designer inspired arm candies that are chic and affordable instead. 

Tips on sunscreen protection & application

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One of the skincare products that I take a lot of interest in is the sunscreen.  I’m always interested to find out more and here are ten tips I’ve put together based on what I’ve found to be interesting information regarding sunscreen formulations and their application.

Lavera SPF 40 Neutral Sunblock

2309173653 0817800049 o Lavera SPF 40 Neutral Sunblock

There are a couple of selling points for Lavera SPF40 Neutral Sunblock.  This is a 100% mineral based high SPF sunblock made with carefully selected organic ingredients and is specifically developed for people suffering from allergies, and extremely sensitive skin.  It is certified as vegan and 100% free from synthetic filters, perfumes, colourings, preservatives as well as flower extracts, herbal extracts and essential oils.  In addition, it provides UVA, UVB and even UVC sunblock protection and is waterproof.