Alternatives to synthetic fragrance

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I don’t use perfume but I’m a sucker for scented products.  Sniffing is probably one of the first things I do when testing a product.  Those that smells good usually get my attention.  But fragrance in a product isn’t always good news especially if they’re of synthetic formulations.

According to, synthetic fragrances can contain chemical compounds with harmful ingredients such as neurotoxins, allergens and phthalates, which have been linked to reproductive problems, early puberty in girls, and breast cancer.  This is why fragrance is always single out as a major culprit when a product is considered as unsafe and is always listed as an ingredient to avoid if possible.

Is sunblock different from sunscreen?

2105952127 7c0f5ba39a o Is sunblock different from sunscreen?

Yes!  Sunblock deflects UV rays while  sunscreen absorbs them.  Put it another way, the former refers to a physical sunblock and the latter, a chemical sunblock.  Yet, most of us use both words interchangeably.

In my earlier entry, What’s The Correct Sunblock Dosage?, I’ve already explained that physical sunblocks are those that uses titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to reflect or scatter UV radiation before it reaches our skin.  Chemical sunblocks on the other hand, use organic absorber to absorb UV rays and invalid the damage of UV achieving a full blockage of a broad spectrum UV rays.   

Makeup tutorial: applying eyeliner

I’m hopeless with eyeliner application.  Lucky thing I have quite a big pair of eyes so I can do without it most of the time.  But I could certainly do with a proper lesson and the basic eyeliner tutorial with pencil, cream/gel or liquid made recently by blogger Michelle Phan is just excellent.

The girl emphasizes the importance of using smaller strokes for a better line quality whatever the type of eyeliner used.  This allows better control in terms of the thickness of the application and minimizes possibilities of making mistakes. 

Gigi Lai for Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold

2301319699 0e22d89018 o Gigi Lai for Bio Essence 24K Bio Gold

Gigi Lai (黎姿), a popular Hong Kong artiste is the ambassador for Bio-Essence, a full range of skincare products from Singapore based L.D. Waxson.  You may have seen her recent commercial endorsing Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold Eye Care Twin Treasures which promises to double the effects of lifting eye bags and droopy lids through the traditional use of gold in skincare, combined with ingredients Bio Energy Fluid and Bio Rice Fermentation Essence.