Adonica Kube: Organic Skin Care And Wellness Boutique

There were many "firsts" for me when I visited Adonica Kube, an organic skin care and wellness boutique located at 112 Katong recently. I'd been to the mall a few times but that was the first time I came across the store, which carries a full range of natural, organic and eco-friendly plant-based products under the Naturalmente brand. Up till then, I've never heard of Naturalmente. But I've since learned that it ...

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4 Highly Raved Beauty Supplements From iHerb That Did Wonders For Others But Not For Me

I've been thinking of writing a post about highly raved products from iHerb that did wonders for others but nothing for me for awhile now. But each time I attempted to write it, I felt uninspired because the truth is--I don't enjoy writing negative reviews. Yet, I reckon they might be useful for consumers to get a different point of reference especially when these products are already well reviewed. So come with me ...

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Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely & Wild Rose Hand Creams

Hand creams are a staple in my life; I always need to have one within reach. In a day, I probably slather hand cream on my hands a dozen times on average--after every hand washing, while I am working, when I am bored and before I sleep. So I can tell what's a good hand cream in a fingersnap. Besides being able to moisturize and nourish my hands, it must appeal to my sense of smell and lift my mood. Now there are ...

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Beauty Lunchbox Ideas: 5 Easy Sandwich Recipes

Six months down the road and I'm still not done with my beauty lunchbox series. In fact, it is here to stay, especially now that I've been officially initiated into a club for those of us who pack our own lunch to work. Some of my colleagues have even gone as far as "cooking" their meals in the office. Don't ask me how they do it but for me, I prefer to prepare my food at home. I admit it can get a bit rush on some ...

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