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Fun, flirty, feminine chic fashion tops

2283854332 d903c14385 o Fun, flirty, feminine chic fashion tops

These feminine chic tops from Tskye are really versatile.  Dress them up with a sleek black pencil skirt or fitted pants for that corporate function, or dress them down with slim-cut cream capris and even denims to paint the town red. 

Each feminine top is designed to fit and conform to the curve of the body, and some even include interesting little details like rope-tie or brass-colored buttons for that bit of edigness.

International shipping is available at this online boutique based out of Singapore.  While you’re there, remember to check out those on sale and ladies here will be happy to know that you can also book an appointment to to browse or buy.

Is your mineral makeup posing you any health risks?

mineral foundation Is your mineral makeup posing you any health risks?
I was checking out Lavera Organic Skin Care and got distracted by the following information they’ve posted regarding mineral makeup on their website.

Recent UK studies advise of strong health risks when using Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) in nano particle form in powdered mineral makeup. These inhaled TiO2 nano particles coming in contact with living tissue have a similar effect as asbestos and can cause lung cancer.

Ferro Cosmetics Fab 4 Mineral Makeup

2277973616 b1cd4c8d57 o Ferro Cosmetics Fab 4 Mineral Makeup

I have just started reading Bobbi Brown’s Living Beauty and what Vera Wang said about her makeup routine right about sums up mine as well.  “When I do makeup, I focus on evening out my complexion with foundation…it literally takes twenty years off my face…” 

Like Vera Wang, I’m obsessed with my skin, but unlike her, makeup don’t make me look twenty years younger! *boo hoo*  But I have to concede that mineral makeup does help to take some years off my looks because the end result is a very natural looking complexion.  Plus I love the fact that mineral makeup is good for my skin

Swirl pretty in vintage inspired fashion

2264828449 3719290fe0 o Swirl pretty in vintage inspired fashion

These vintage inspired dresses and skirts are tailored by two girls from Singapore who love to swirl in front of the mirror in their self-tailored dresses.  

Pretty breezy dresses, v necks, polka dots, satin waistbands, draped capelet, neat bows, and black ruffles.  Most of their clothes are full of feminine appeal designed to be flattering on us even on days when we’re not looking our best.  I especially like their new satin tinsey dress which is roomy enough yet helps us look slim on days when water retention hits.