Makeup tips for expressive Asian eyes

This makeup video from Makeup Gourmet has some rather good makeup tips to open up and bring out a more expressive pair of Asian eyes.   These are some of the important ones I remember after watching it:

  1. For smaller eyes, use a brightening pencil on the inner and outer corner of the eyes to open it up. 
  2. For almond shaped eyes, defining the lower eye using an eye liner is important to bring out shape. 

Lead in lipstick getting more notice

2082371600 b8b7af6416 o Lead in lipstick getting more notice

It looks like we will be hearing more about the issue of lead in lipstick officially because US Senators John Kerry, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein were reported to have urged the FDA Commissioner to investigate products reported by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC) and to rid lipsticks with higher-than-legal limits of lead content in them. 

And in another consumer news, Lipstick Lead Lawsuit Filed, a woman who bought a Christian Dior Addict Positive Red lipstick from a Nordstrom store is seeking class-action status in a lawsuit against the makers of the lipstick because the product has dangerously high levels of lead.

Aya Ueto stands up for Fasio mascara

2076645799 27a64b6da6 o Aya Ueto stands up for Fasio mascara

Right after BoA, Aya Ueto (上戶彩) was picked to front the marketing campaign of Fasio, the popular make up brand which targets the young fashionistas under the Kose umbrella.  The campaign “Stand Up! Girls” which promotes Fasio line of mascaras is currently seen in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand. 

In fact, many Asian girls are saying that Fasio has the best mascaras in the market, performance and price wise.  No wonder the Fasio Power-Stay Mascara 3D range was a hit.  

How to decode secret batch codes of beauty products

Secret Batch Code How to decode secret batch codes of beauty products
Okay, confession time.  Do you ever bother to check the expiry date on your beauty products?  Well, I don’t.  I’ve not given this much thoughts plus there isn’t an expiration date for most products anyway because there’s no legal requirement to use expiry or use-by dates on the majority of products.

In fact, only products that won’t last longer than 30 months need to show a use-by date in the form of a month and year, whereas all other products don’t need one.  But of course, all products do have a shelf live especially skincare products that contains preservatives or “all natural” products that contain plant-derived ingredients.