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Do Frownies Facial Pads erase frown lines?

2249373657 bd411e9459 o Do Frownies Facial Pads erase frown lines?

Okay, call me a sucker.  I love quick fixes.  I love products that promise me overnight miracles.  I love products that require very little effort on my part.  Even though half the time, I know they don’t quite deliver whatever they promise.  And it was the sucker in me that decided to order Frownies Facial Pads from Drugstore some months ago.  Come on, they’re cheap, and they look like fun anyway.  More importantly, I have lines on my forehead that I wanted to get rid of without having to resort to Botox.

How to use face serum with moisturizer?

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In my article on tips to optimize your facial moisturizer, I mentioned the importance of leaving your toner damp before applying your moisturizer as the cream will help seal the hydrating benefits from the toner deep into the skin.   However, if you’re using a face serum, when should you apply your serum and when should you apply your moisturizer? 

Sukin Organic Foaming Facial Cleanser

2240249645 2ae54e6c4a m Sukin Organic Foaming Facial CleanserThose in Singapore may have noticed that Watson’s has started to bring in quite a number of natural and organic skincare products from Trilogy, Lavera, Yes To Carrot, and Sukin Organics.  I’ve been particularly pleased to find Sukin Organics really affordable and decided to test out two of their products.  The first in review here is Sukin Organic Foaming Facial Cleanser.

All skincare products from Sukin Organics are said to use only 100% natural active ingredients and contain no sodium lauryl sulphate, artificial fragrances, petrochemicals, harsh detergents, animal derivatives, mineral oil and parabens. 

100% natural cosmetics with longer shelf life

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Woo hoo!  We may finally be able to get our hands on cosmetic products that are 100 per cent natural in the near future as I learnt today that more companies are working to develop effective natural alternatives to synthetic preservatives to extend shelf-life of their products. 

Currently, manufacturers of natural cosmetics are forced to use weak forms of synthetic preservatives such as benzoic and benzyl alcohol in their formulations.  Hence, these manufacturers cannot label their products as 100 per cent natural.  But this frustration may soon be over as Cosmeticsdesign-Europe.com reports that Israeli biotech company Avisco has developed the natural preservative Aviorex while Slovenia-based Vitiva is working on Inolens 4 which contain active ingredients derived from rosemary to help protect cosmetic oils from oxidation and rancidity.