Japanese hairstyles for inspiration

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So I learnt that 2008 hairstyle trend for women will likely be marked by longer hair with a volume and fullness achieved by looser, natural flowing curls. Hair coloring will be more subtle and soft instead of the stark color contrasts that are popular today. 

What’s the correct sunblock dosage?

2057556311 9ae183785d o Whats the correct sunblock dosage?

Yuri Ebihara for Shiseido Anessa

I was browsing through a beauty forum and came across some interesting discussions regarding the dosage of sunblock application.  According to some of the girls, we need to apply half a teaspoon of sunblock on our face in order to enjoy the full SPF.  On top of that, we need to reapply every two hours to maintain the protection. 

Ethnic inspired handmade jewelry

2055213479 b9a01be02d o Ethnic inspired handmade jewelry

I like interestingly designed handmade jewelry with an ethnic touch.  Like this beautiful Rhyolite Soul Pendant Necklace with chunky rhyolite nuggets, sterling silver beads and sterling silver soul pendant available from Georgie Designs for only US$49.95.  You also got to check out the Leaf and Gemstone Necklace with sterling silver Thai leaf and a choice of either gorgeous green peridot or icy aquamarine gemstones.  Simply lovely!

And if you use this special code HOLIDAY20, you can get 20% off all purchases from Georgie Designs.  International shipping is available too.

Cosmetic lenses for Rainie Yang

2285063663 4a9d3c5bb6 o Cosmetic lenses for Rainie Yang

Apart from experimenting with makeup or updating your apparel, you can consider making a fashion statement with colored contact lenses.  Like popular Taiwanese celebrity Rainie Yang Cheng Lin (楊丞琳), who is seen here endorsing the kaleidoscope of colors and variety of len styles under FreshLook Cosmetic Contact Lenses by Ciba Vision. 

So instead of your usual eye color, you may wish to transform your looks by wearing any of the nineteen stunning shades like gray, brown, honey, pure hazel, blue, green, true sapphire, turquoise, amethyst for fun or to suit any special occasion.