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The perils of skin whitening

2199580686 bf2f5b86c6 o The perils of skin whitening

I’ve read about how some ladies in Singapore have been going for this whitening injection on a beauty forum and was rather leery of the idea. 

I don’t have much idea about this treatment but it just didn’t sound right to me, to have something injected into our bodies to reverse the skin tone (think Michael Jackson.)  And my suspicions were right because yesterday, I learnt of a warning over the news from Hong Kong that such non-regulated cosmetic treatment could be fatal if improperly used.  Even if it doesn’t cause death, there are possible side effects including liver failure.

Everyday Minerals samples in sifter jars

2189938962 8c6370f379 o Everyday Minerals samples in sifter jars

I made another order for the free Everyday Minerals sample and bingo, this time, I got my shades right.  Those who use mineral foundation know that it can be quite a pain to find a shade that suits your skin tone and it’s usually a process of trial and error. 

Depending on where you get your foundation from, the trick is to pick a shade or two darker than your skin tone.  I had to pick Golden Medium, which is two shades darker than my skin tone under the Olive undertone.  It’s not an exact match, but I’m happy with the results.

8 fashion trends for your 2008 wardrobe

2182864194 910ebb1cb8 o 8 fashion trends for your 2008 wardrobe

(Clothes from Shopbop.com)

Here’s a cherry picking of eight key fashion trends for 2008 according to an article from telegraph.co.uk which you might like to know especially if you’re on your way to revamping your wardrobe this year.

  1. Flower power 
    Invest in dresses or tops with floral prints such as dahlias, sunflowers, roses and tulips that work for you.
  2. Ruffles 
    Play up on apparels with gorgeous, floaty frills and flounces of the softest chiffon, silk and man made fibre mixes.  

A key to maximize a tube of cream

2173416498 15c8f4fafd o A key to maximize a tube of cream

I was looking at Dermalogica Power Rich  A key to maximize a tube of creamand was intrigued!  Not so much about the powerful restructuring properties, but rather the packaging.  The product is packaged in a 35+day supply of sealed metal tubes, accompanied by a metal key used to roll the tube for maximum product extraction.  Like sardine cans I think, and oooh, I like that!  Definitely beats trying to squeeze the last bit out of a tube of cream with all my might.