Get A Grip With ReFa ACTIVE Athletic Beauty Roller


Oh guess what? Recently, I turned athlete and found myself in the same league as Cristiano Ronaldo. Yup, I did! It's not football though but it does involve something round all right. As a matter of fact, it involves a nifty titanium-coated tool that is probably sending our dear Real Madrid mega football star kicking harder for want of some good kneading after each field session. Now, what in the world are we talking about? It's the MTG ReFa ACTIVE, a portable micro-current device with 440-hedron diamond-like shape rollers that produces kneading ...

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Bodyreveso holistic program: the healthier way to achieve your ideal body weight


Sometimes, I wonder why people bother paying for slimming therapies. I mean, doesn't it make more economical sense just to diet and exercise on your own? Yet, I know of many who are dieting and exercising without much success. And it's painful to watch these people struggle through their journey of trying to achieve their ideal body weight with limited results. What makes it more disturbing is that some of their weight losing methods even border on the line of unhealthy choices. So in that sense, going through a program with professional advice ...

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Spa Organics Australia Aromatherapy Hair And Body Care Review


By virtue of the name, Spa Organics Australia is a made-in-Australia natural aromatherapy range of products. Comprising shampoos, conditioners as well as hand & body lotions, this range is specifically formulated to meet the needs of those who have skin irritations and health concerns. So all products are made without any toxic ingredients and skin irritants such as sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, trietanolomine, mineral oils, artifical fragrances and coloring. Instead, they are formulated with plant derived ingredients ...

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Product Reviews

Love & Toast by Margot Elena: perfect gift for X’mas


Lookie! A new brand is available at iHerb and it’s none other than Love & Toast by Margot Elena! I was too elated when I spotted the eye-catching packaging at midnight and quickly ordered two items even though I didn’t need them. In fact, in my stupor, I actually ordered a wrong item! I haven’t…

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Physicians Formula Airbrushing Kabuki Brush Is A Buff


Isn’t this blue such a pretty color? I certainly haven’t seen anything close to it before–not on a face brush at least. It’s a really cute design and definitely a novelty. And if you can reach out and touch the dense bristles through your screen now, I guarantee you’ll be amazed by how soft this…

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