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Fyrinnae vegan eye shadow

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While I don’t wear eye makeup that frequently, I still like to experiment with colours.  It’s just that I’ve been limited by the depth of my pocket to test out the gamut of colours under so many brands.  However, since chancing upon Fyrinnae, my eyes have been opened real wide. 

Fyrinnae is quite possibly, the holy grail of eye shadow.  

Imagine.  Over 160 shades of eye shadows in any imaginable shades, tones and finishes and still adding more every month.  Very. Hard. To. Resist. 

Whitening the Asian skin

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According to research, Asian skin has been found to contain more and bigger melanosomes and melanocytes and have longer dendrites than those of Caucasian skin.  In addition, because the color of our melanin tends to be darker and the stratum corneum is very thin, hence, we are more proned to pigmentation. 

Beauty houses are well aware of this and are constantly coming out with products to target Asian women who enthusiastically pursue whitening.  Every brand will carry at least one, if not more range of whitening products.

Chocolates good for our hearts

391020339 e8f4047643 Chocolates good for our hearts

Good news ladies!  Chocolates are good for us.  Well, at least the dark ones.

According to the American Dietic Association, one of the primary benefits of chocolate is the antioxidants, particularly the  flavonoids  that are responsible for preventing cholesterol from sticking to our artery walls, a cause of heart attack and stroke.  In fact, these  flavonoids  in chocolates are the same compounds that are found in red wine and tea.

Apparently because flavonoids come from extracts of the cocoa bean, therefore the darker the chocolate, the better it is for our body .

Use fewer skincare products

385387261 d209abda09 m Use fewer skincare products

Just picked up this very useful article from chosun.com titled “Want Beautiful Skin?  Try Using Fewer Skincare Products.”  According to it, mixing some products can actually cause more harm to our skin.   Something I believe many of us women are very much guilty of.

Lee Jong-min of Re&New Clinic, explained that some cosmetics contain ingredients that can lead to problems when combined. Many cosmetics contain preservatives to prevent decay and emulsifiers to help substances blend and stay smooth. If you’re not careful, Lee said, you can make skin problems worse by using too many products at once.