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Eyecurl to lift up those lashes

369791970 711755862c m Eyecurl to lift up those lashes

For someone who hardly uses mascara, I really don’t know why I bought this heated eyelash curler.  I’ve actually had it for awhile but only started using it recently again.  This gadget is quite simple to use, but I do find it a little time consuming.  It probably gets better with practice but if I’m in a hurry, I’ll still stick to my normal metal curler.

Food for weight loss

369372694 5e54ff2204 m Food for weight loss

I saw this very interesting foodchart over at The D Spot from Sexy Mom which details which food promote weight loss and smoothen skin and asked her if I can share it here. 

Promotes weight loss, controls blood pressure, combats cancer, trengthens bones, protects your heart.

Promotes weight loss, combats cancer, prevents constipation, protects your heart, helps in relief of hemorrhoids.

Promotes weight loss, saves eyesight, protects your heart, prevents constipation, combats cancer.

Fashion tip on faux handbags

367959870 6f0766afbe m Fashion tip on faux handbags

Some time ago, I wrote about the brand of fashion accessories by Peter Belisi, a fashion forward designer.   In addition to their tie and scarf collections, the brand now offers  luxury handbags.  And here’s something interesting taken from his Belisi Fashion Tip Today about what to look for in faux handbags.

Organic beauty apothecary

364377876 9803f95c5f m Organic beauty apothecary

Even if you’re not into organic beauty products, I’m certain you’ll enjoy visiting Love Lula, the organic apothecary.  

Because there are not only many products to ogle, there are many beauty tips to be learnt.  Besides an entire section on eczema FAQs, there’s a section devoted to acne solutions.  You can even fill up a form online if you need any personal beauty advice.  Very cool stuff!