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Flax seed oil prevent dry & rough skin

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Here’s a bloggertip from Samm of Organic Parade on how to prevent dry and rough skin: 

The two main causes of dry and rough skin is deficiency in essential fatty acids and lack of vitamin A. If you only use olive oil and do not eat nuts and seeds, then chances are you’re not getting enough essential fats. So, it’s time to take a trip to your local healthstore and buy a bottle of flax seed oil. Take 1 tbsp a day with your cereal, salad, soup, etc. Or you can simply take it straight from the spoon. You’ll definitely see the difference in a week.

Look refresh all day with face mist

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I have another addiction. I love to spritz liquid on my face throughout the day and I’m not talking about tap water. These are face mist made from beneficial spring or mineral water bottled in nifty little canisters fitted with an atomizer mist sprayer. 

More than just a quick pick-me-up, the face mist not only soothes and refreshes my face especially on a hot day, but actually helps to tone, hydrate and nourish my skin.  In fact, I would recommend every beauty savvy woman to include using this as part of their daily skincare regime.

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream

376415050 0917d603df m Jurlique Rose Hand Cream

There’s a reason why Jurlique Rose Hand Cream is so popular and pricey.  And the reason is that it scores high on the feel good factor, enticing me to want to indulge my hands with this cream over and over again. 

First Contributing Feel Good Factor
The rose scent is so sweet, a whiff of the smell sends my spirit soaring high.  In fact, it can get addictive and I find myself wanting to apply this hand cream very frequently, even though it is not because my hands are feeling dry.  Rather, it is only because I cannot get enough of the rose scent! 

Apples high in antioxidants

374592463 4db0086550 m Apples high in antioxidants

Eating apples is good for our health as they can help to keep heart disease and cancer at bay.

Fruits and vegetables provide flavonoids, a large group of compounds that are all antioxidants.  In particular, apple has been found to contain a high quantity.

In case you don’t already know, antioxidants are good for our well-being, because they stabilise highly reactive free radicals and protect our blood vessels, thereby lowering our risks of developing cancer and heart disease.