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Stewart + Brown hip and chic easy-to-wear organic fashion

Steward + Brown Stewart + Brown hip and chic easy to wear organic fashion
Did you know that you can do your part to protect earth from the clothes you wear?   Organic is no longer just a word associated with food.  You can wear organic clothes and they’re definitely not not just green and brown if you’re going by this very hip and chic collection from Stewart+Brown

Origins No Offense Deodorant

This is the first in a series of reviews I will run on tried and tested anti-perspirants and deodorants.

343953947 80b20d1315 o Origins No Offense DeodorantI’ll kick off with this rather-expensive-but-did-nothing-for-me-sweet-smelling Origins No Offense

This is a swivel up, rub on alcohol-free clear stick type of deodorant which is supposed to eliminate offensive armpit odour.  It contains ingredients such as Cabreuva, Gaultherie and Bay Leaf to fight unwanted bacteria; Litsea Cubeba to refresh; while soothing Winterbloom and Neroli to keep user feeling cool, calm and collected. 

Clear storage boxes for shoes

343831778 f5f9bf5d23 m Clear storage boxes for shoes

Darcy Trevor tipped me off on these ingenious clear storage boxes which she uses to store her shoes.   

343831775 b5c2c6724b t Clear storage boxes for shoesApparently, these clear boxes have been featured in some of the women’s magazines and are are said to be retailing at S$10 per box.  However, Darcy got exactly the same ones at S$1.60 each, which is such a steal!

“I bought a few from one of those odds-and-ends store in my neighbourhood and I thought they are pretty useful. Now, I no longer have to tag or label my boxes as I can see through them, and more importantly, plastic is more durable!”

Recycled plastic country bag

336425412 d82d28cb36 m Recycled plastic country bagThis Samina bag is fun, fresh, and is good for the planet because  it’s made of recycled plastic bags, which are a huge environmental hazard.

Handmade by cooperatives in India, the project collects plastic bags that litter the streets and neighborhoods of New Delhi.

The process is a renewing process which uses a fraction of the energy of recycling, where layers of different color plastic bags are placed on top of each other and fused together. The lining is made of polyester, and the trim of rexine/vinyl.  In addition to recycling plastic, the process does not require additional dyes or inks which may be toxic.