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Cotton panties are best

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Are you wearing cotton undies?  If not, you might want to think about it as this is apparently the best form of underwear for vaginal health.

According to this article cotton panties can cut down on infections in NCTimes.com, the general medical agreement amongst doctors is that cotton undies are the way to go in the day.

“Wear loose, white cotton underwear; synthetic fabrics, as well as dyes, can be irritating,” advise Drs. Isabelle Labrie and Vincent Nadon on a women’s Internet health site posted by the University of Ottawa.

Candy wrapper handbags

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In case you don’t already know, eco-fashion is hip and it’s in.  Be it clothes, shoes or accessories.  Made from recycled soda pops, licensed plates to bottle caps.  And here’s another to add to the collection.

Eco-friendly handbags and purses handmade from recycled candy wrappers.  Totally stylish, functional, and durable.  Check them out at Ecoist

Buy a bag and plant a tree.

International shipping available.

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Silicon bosom boosters

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If you want that extra cleavage, you don’t have to squeeze them like the girl in the picture.  Just insert Flaunt Bosom Boosters, a skin-safe silicon material into your bras and voila, you get that added boost instantly.  And the best part is you even get to choose them in three sizes: original, dramatic or ultimate.  

While I have read about their products sometime ago, I hadn’t really come breast-to-breast with Flaunt’s interesting line of boobs enhancement products until yesterday.

Eco-fashion one-of-a-kind bags

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Eco-fashion bags made using recycled license plates, rubber and bottle caps with hundreds of hand applied Swarovski crystals.  Creating an amazing one-of-a-kind bag that looks great with everything from jeans to evening wear. Want to find out more?  Check out Littlearth family of brands that are starting conversations all over the world. 

International shipping available.

vivawoman1 Eco fashion one of a kind bags © www.vivawoman.net copyright notice