Highlight: Pretty pocket dresses

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Hands in pocket and looking comfortably spiffy are some of our beautiful celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz in their pretty pocket dresses here.  Playful nonchalance, casual chic, classic smart or stunning sexy; take your pick.   The best part is to carry nothing and yet be able to whip out your lipstick or lipgloss just about anywhere from those handy pockets.

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    Pocket dresses are soooo cute! Spotted a few casual linen pieces, complete with my favourite deep V neckline, in Mango but too bad, I can’t fit into them right now. :-(

    DR: Some of them are really pretty, like the one Cameron Diaz is in. Depending on how the pockets are designed though, some doesn’t flatter especially for big hips like mine.

  2. says

    oh yes, and tunics are the most IN thing to be worn right now with these cutesy pockets. Coupled with a great pairs of heels, you look anything chic in it.

    msff: Yeah, especially if you have a good bod to carry it off…

  3. says

    i still don’t like pockets in my clothes, not even for tailored pants. unless they’re casual cropped pants, denims. i love the look of these. but i guess i won’t buy anything coz i feel ‘off’ in it. :)

    imp: Well, personal preference I suppose. For me, I think they look nice, but I just don’t think they’ll look nice on me.

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