More discounts off Birkenstocks

Papillo Gizeh

I was checking out info on a pair of Betula from Naturlich Footshop GmbH and realised that the online store is currently offering further discounts on their range of sandals and shoes from Birkenstocks, Papillo, Birkis, Betula, Tatami and Alpro in celebration of their 25th anniversary.

But you only have until the end of tomorrow, 25th July 23:59 Middle European Summer Time, to enjoy the following discounts:

  • order total S$100 and above 5 % discount
  • order total S$225 and above 10 % discount
  • order total S$380 and above 15 % discount

This is definitely an attractive deal as their prices are already way cheaper than what you can find in the stores.  And the good news is that you can now enjoy free shipping on small orders lower than S$199 by riding on a shopping spree which is organised by Ms Angie Tan, based in Singapore.

Just send an email to Mrs. Tan,, and let her know what you would like to have.

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  1. domestic rat says:

    The 15% disc is almost impossible to get, without incurring 7% GST. From what I gathered from a friend who frequently purchases from footshopping, the shipping costs, though free, is taken into account for GST computation.

    DR: But it’s still cheaper than buying from the stores isn’t it…even without considering the discounts.

  2. Tracy says:

    i’ve been eyeing them for so long. it was expensive even in germany home to the shoe! then again, after wearing crocs and traveling with them so much, i don’t want any other.

    by the way have you heard of youbycrocs? crocs have come up with the latest line combining croslite and italian design ?

    Tracy: I’m not a fan of crocs but the youbycrocs do look more interesting. I like their platform type of heels. But the shoes looks more suitable for colder climate countries eh?

  3. domestic rat says:

    Actually I meant to say don’t bother trying to get 15%, the discount of 10% plus the free shipping is already a very good deal to resist.

    DR: A plus to get it but still not much of a loss…

  4. Tracy says:

    the only one suitable for tropical weather seems to be the platform heels. if i get a chance to stay through winter in china, i might buy the boots ? been wanting to buy a pair of knee high boots!

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