Sony CP Curvy Lip Gloss 505

Sony CP Lip Gloss 505I know I gave an excellent rating to Sony CP Curvy Lip Gloss 501 Nude in my earlier review earlier and I still think that product rocks.  So I thought I wanted to try another from the range and I picked Sony CP Curvy Lip Gloss 505 Milky Pink.

Sad to say, this one doesn’t work as well as the transparent lip gloss.  It isn’t as glossy and I didn’t feel that my lips look so luscious with this.  In fact, I had to add the 501 Nude lip gloss over just to make the effect look better.  Another thing I dislike very much about this particular lip gloss is that it is so sticky, not only did I get my hair stuck on my lips, I had a fly sticking to it one day.

Plus it’s also very difficult to remove because of the stickiness and I have to wipe my lips with oil cleanser and wash a couple of times to get it off entirely.

The only thing I like is that it has a little more colour so it does make my lips look nicer.  But still, I’ll definitely not be buying this again from the Sony CP Curvy Lip Gloss range.


  1. A-Mused says:

    I haven’t tried this one but I really enjoy the clear and the pink versions ?

    A-Mused: I remember the SA trying to recommend me another colour, saying that it was more glossy. Perhaps she knows that this particular Milky Pink is less so.

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