Super-charged doctor’s bag in vogue

Doctor's Bag

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Hot in fashion is the McDreamy bag like the white patent leather Giambattista Valli bag you see on Victoria Beckham’s arm.  She apparently also has a black piece! 

And we can see how she’s so smittened with the handbag as the style defines the look of the season; patent leather, a structured shape, and a small top handle.  Gorgeously classy and chic! 

But if you don’t want to be accused of copying the Posh Spice girl, you still have other choices from Jill Stuart, Floto, Liz Claiborne, Bakers, The Sak or Sorpresa which are kinder to your pockets or selections found at Tobi

What’s great is that you can look just as stylish with these new super-charged doctor’s bags which been given an update with vibrant hues and cool stud detailing.  Plus they are definitely big enough to carry all your makeup and essentials. 

No wonder it’s call the McDreamy bag.

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