Swirl pretty in vintage inspired fashion

Swirl vintage inspiried dresses and skirts

These vintage inspired dresses and skirts are tailored by two girls from Singapore who love to swirl in front of the mirror in their self-tailored dresses.  

Pretty breezy dresses, v necks, polka dots, satin waistbands, draped capelet, neat bows, and black ruffles.  Most of their clothes are full of feminine appeal designed to be flattering on us even on days when we’re not looking our best.  I especially like their new satin tinsey dress which is roomy enough yet helps us look slim on days when water retention hits. 

Also check out their line of vintage handbags and clutches which are totally complementary to their designs.

All designs are exclusive and quantities for each is kept small so that you will never be caught wearing the same outfit as someone else.  Custom fitting services are also available and those outside Singapore will be happy to know that Swirl ships internationally. 


  1. Lana says:

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    Lana: I say a lot depends on the surgeon you go to. But from what I’ve seen, based on friends who have done it, it does look a tad unnatural. So it’s hard for me to say to go or not to go. Plus, if you do it, it will be for one eye…so how well will it look with the other is also another consideraiton. Why don’t you find talk to the experts who does this and ask their opinion instead? They would have a portfolio of clients with pictures that they can show you too.

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