Breast boost without surgery and implants


Do bigger breasts give us better self-esteem?  While I don’t think so, but a study conducted by the University of Florida reports that women who underwent breast augmentations experienced better sexuality in addition to enhanced self-esteem levels.

Clinical assistant professor Cynthia Figueroa-Haas, Ph.D. surveyed 84 women who received breast augmentation surgery. While these women did not have notably low self-confidence or poor sexual function prior to surgery, the women showed improvements in both of these aspects following surgery.

Perhaps this is the reason why many teenagers are actually relying on the scalpel to boost their body image as according to reports from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of women 18 and younger who have had breast enlargements has risen nearly 500 percent over the past decade.   But what’s disturbing is that these teens do not understand the risks involved and it was reported just last week that 18-year-old Florida high school senior, Stephanie Kuleba had died of complications from a breast augmentation. 

While it’s nothing wrong to want better assets,  one could seek a safer, natural mode of breast enhancement instead of resorting to breast surgery or breast implants.  But of course, there are debates as to what constitute natural.  Without going under the knife, I would pick using breast enhancement creams or an external device like a breast pump to stimulate breast tissue forming over having something like the new Macrolane, which is a volume-building serum made of hyaluronic acid injected deep into my breast tissue to add volume.

Additionally, I would say the most important is to read and understand more about the treatment and if the approach works for you.  For example, I’m not too comfortable with the idea of consuming even non-synthetic breast enhancement pills but at least I learnt from resources like that how these pills work is that the herbs within them stimulate our hormones to make our breast tissue grow.  And these are the same hormones that are released, albeit in a smaller amount, during our menstrual cycle and during a pregnancy, which is why our breasts may be tender during that time as well.

The bottomline is, there are ways to increase your breast size without surgery or implants but you still need to figure out for yourself which type of breast enhancement method will give you the best and safest result.  It’s afterall your body and your health and it definitely pays to find out more. 


  1. carmela says:

    gud pm how can i buy it this products…………

  2. kill girl says:

    I love your website so much.
    Any breast enhancement creams recommend?

    kill girl: Thanks for visiting and your comments. Haven’t tried any to recommend though…

  3. fwy says:

    I don’t encourage plastic surgery. However, I tried massage packages from SlimFit before & my breats became more firm after that.

  4. Jessica says:

    Hey love the blogggg :)) can you tell me if natural products work? I found a site do you think this kinda stuff works?

    thanks!! jess :)) ox

  5. sesame says:

    I think they do but you gotta be careful if they come with any long term side effects.

  6. Mj Villanueva says:

    It is good to know that there is this natural breast enhancement that doesn’t need a surgery. Thank you for sharing all of these.

  7. Breast Actives says:

    I have tried everything to increase my tiny boobs with no success, I will definitely try your methods and hope that it will increase my breast size. Thanks for sharing

  8. Alex says:

    I don’t understand why is it necessary to have a larger breast, I don’t think it matters.

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