Designer inspired chic arm candies at a steal


According to All The Rage at Los Angeles Times, the “it” bag, defined as a status purse that costs more than a round-trip ticket to Paris and a favorite among stylish affluent women, is officially dead.  Why?  Because there are no more limited edition so to speak when 100,000 women are seen carrying the same bag as soon as it is launched.  So instead of coveting after and splurging on the “it” bag, maybe it’s better to turn our attention on designer inspired arm candies that are chic and affordable instead. 

Like these yellow and white faux leather tote cum backpack from AccessoryBug.  Who is to say they’re not picture perfect? And at the budget-friendly price of US$48.99 each, we can just about buy them all up in their available colors.

But no, wait.  From now till April 30, Accessory Bug is offering 10% off every purchase.  Yes!  Just use coupon code: spring08 during checkout.  And since you’re in, you might as well just check out their assortment of fun and flirty designer-inspired handbags in every shape, size and haute couture color too.

Oh, did I say they ship internationally?


  1. Karen says:

    Love the yellow! And it looks like it holds a lot, too, which is always good.

    Karen: Yes, I like the yellow. They have it in pink and it looks fabulous too.

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