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Asian Hairstyle Gallery

The Cutting Chair is a new website on hair fashion started by James Lai. It’s worth a mention because you can get ideas of new hairdos from its hairstyle gallery featuring interesting haircuts from girls on the street as well as celebrities. In addition, the website goes further to provide visitors with the information on styling products, styling tools, and how to achieve the look for each hairstyle. So you can search for hairstyles based on your face shape, hair texture, color, even by keyword such as products, location or techniques. I’m particularly glad that James gave some focus to Asian hairstyles.

I’m also pleased to find articles like “How To Make Thin Hair Look Fat” which is something close to my heart since I’m always looking for ways to add volume to my fine limp hair. The information on choosing the right shampoo, using little conditioner and minimum hairstyling products, flipping your head upside down while blow drying, using a round brush (YES!) and keeping short hair are all great tips that I can vouch for personally.

So if you’re into haircare or need some ideas for that next haircut, check out The Cutting Chair.


  1. Matti says:

    Thanks for this! I’ve been looking for precisely this type of website for ideas and trends on hair

    Matti: Glad you find this relevant.

  2. LiMei76 says:

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    I initially liked Shielos Volume Shampoo because it smells absolutely wonderful! Then I saw the price and I was sold.

    That is when I get the best results. I have tried other shampoos that are comparable to this one and they do not add up. I can honestly tell a difference with this shampoo. It is also great for little kids. Sometimes when I am out of my daughters shampoo I let her use this. Although it is not tear free it is four year old friendly. I will continue to purchase this in the future and would suggest it to others.

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