Beauty benefits of drinking fresh milk


I didn’t like milk when I was younger. I hated the taste and even the look of it. It was not until I was pregnant that I started drinking milk diligently. And since then, I’ve found that I can’t do without it because it helps with my PMS and my skin problem.

Drinking milk cut down my skin flare-ups and PMS symptoms
For some strange reasons, I have these ugly red patches the size of large coins on my body that never got away since I was carrying my child. The dermatologist couldn’t tell me what it was and on days when I’m exceptionally stressed, they flare up real bad, turning red and itchy. I discovered that if I drink my milk regularly, these patches eased off considerably. In fact, drinking milk is essential to helping my PMS too as I mentioned in one of my earlier entries that milk-calcium reduce PMS symptoms. I felt less moody, had little or no backache and fewer hormonal chin acne prior to my menstruation!

Drinking milk for stronger nails, teeth and hair
These are two of the benefits I have with milk but I’m a believer that milk provides a host of other beauty benefits too such as strong nails, teeth and bones.   Referring to an article from GotMilk, milk is one of the best sources of the vital nutrients that help maintain strong and healthy locks. “According to research, cow’s milk contains the ideal mix of essential nutrients for beautiful healthy hair. The proteins and lipids in milk work to strengthen hair, while the calcium promotes hair growth and aids in preventing hair loss. Milk also contains other hair-friendly nutrients like Vitamins A, B6, and biotin and potassium all of which work together to keep hair soft and shiny.”

Drinking milk maybe bad for those proned to acne
However, those who suffer from acne or are proned to acne might want to be careful with milk as there are some indications that milk contains hormones that can cause acne to act up! A study by the Harvard School of Public Health shows there is an association between milk intake and teenage acne.  Teenagers who drank milk are more likely to develop spots and pimples compared to those who rarely or never drank milk.  I’m of the opinion that this may vary with individuals as based on what I’ve read at some of the acne forums, not everyone suffers from acne breakout drinking milk and like I mentioned, my hormonal chin acne were fewer if I remember my milk.

Drinking milk in moderation is generally good
But I guess while milk has nutritious values important for beauty and well-being, not everyone can take it to.  Those who are lactose intolerant for example would have a problem consuming milk regularly.  As a matter of fact, I can’t drink milk too frequently; alternate days in moderation works well for me.  And nothing too cold please. Otherwise, my pasteurized homogenized milk from Meji always work well to keep me and my skin happy.


  1. babyboo1982 says:

    sadly, different countries have different qualities of milk – i’m in Thailand and i feel like the milk here is not thick and rich enough. they say that as a child, if you drink lots of milk you’ll grow taller but i don’t think that was the case for me. i’m blaming it on the milk. they add too much water. maybe if i had grown up in the states it would be different.

    babyboo1982: Oh that’s a shame…can you get imported milk from brands like Meiji or Farmland? I’ve been drinking those and they’re fine. But then again, apart from different qualities of milk, different pple also reacting differently to milk.

  2. Cyndi says:

    I have bad cramps during PMS period but drinking milk helps me a lot in reducing the pain. however, I am acne prone as well and I am contemplating whether to continue drinking milk or not. MY skin or health is more important? ARGH! It is hard to choose between this two!

    Cyndi: When you drank milk, did it break you out? If not, perhaps you can drink on alternate or every two days and only half a cup each time. Cos that’s what I do and so far, it keeps my PMS at bay. Otherwise, if milk breaks you out, then you might have to choose other forms of supplements to help. Like Evening Primose Oil which many have said is good though I have not tried personally.

  3. Rebecca says:

    When I was a kid I didn’t like the taste of milk either, but now I am able to get raw milk (I have it delivered weekly) and I love it!

    It’s true different countries have different qualities of milk available. I’m thankful we have good options!

    Rebecca: How lucky! I’ve never tried raw milk though…

  4. Kelly says:

    Fresh cold milk? I tried lots of ways to curb my PMS and cramps like popping EPO, but it doesn’t work.

    I notice consuming cold foods worsen my menses pain but how about drinking dried milk powder? Maybe got to try it out.

    Kelly: Don’t drink it cold if you don’t like it that way. What I do is to pour it into a cup and leave it aside for about half an hour before consuming. My tummy can’t take cold milk either.

  5. amyralene says:

    milk is good for the skin.. I used to put milk whenever i’m taking a bath. My skin feels good and feels soft..

  6. anna says:

    Lots of people rave how milk is terrible for your skin – but I have to disagree.
    Drinking plenty of milk has helped so much in terms of my figure and acne. My skin looks a lot better nowadays (although the ‘drinking milk’ part is inclusive to a healthy diet, sleep, some exercise and PLENTY of water).

  7. sesame says:

    It depends…all of us are different and it’s good milk works well for you. But for others, it’s really a bane. Just like the saying, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

  8. apurva says:

    is buffalo milk also gud fr hair, skin n health like th cow 1??? n i hv heard tht applyng milk on skin makes it prone to acne as it contains sum amt of oil… is tht true??? n a last 1-whch 1 is better fr hair n skin ‘curd’ or ‘milk’??? sry fr askng so many questions bt i am kinda confused…

  9. Emma says:

    I’ve just recently started to drink milk instead of fizzy drinks and have already noticed the difference. Although i am prone to acne, which I heard could make it worse if you drink milk, I so far haven’t seen evidence of this personally. My nails have started to grow properly again, something that has not happened in a while.

    I also did not know about Pms symptoms and milk connection, which I hope will help me as I suffer with it badly.

    Enjoyed the read.
    Emma last post is: The Emotional Toll of Fibromyalgia

  10. Sesame says:

    The milk can affect some but not all so it’s good to know it works well for you. I think drinking milk is great overall. I would drink more if I’m not acne prone.

  11. Harvey says:

    In the Philippines there are also lack of milk that target consumers. I mean there are a lot in stock but they don’t target specific person, the market should produce more cheap, quality and affordable milks.

  12. Lisa says:

    Drinking milk is very good especially if you get imsonia, like i used to have that but i drink warm milk before i go to bed. just try i’m sure you can get sleep easier.

  13. Sesame says:

    Yes, that seems to work very well for many.

  14. Sakhi says:

    Both of them are pof

  15. maymay says:

    hello babyboo1982, don’t you know that CP-Meiji is from THAILAND??

  16. Cherry says:

    i dont like the smell and taste of powdered milk. It makes me vomit when i drink them. However, I can tolerate fresh milk so Im drinking it every morning and evening..

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  19. Lorraine says:

    I’m lactose intolerant. Can I do this? I wonder…

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