How to minimize skin scars after an operation


Sometime ago, I blogged about my husband having a 1cm sebaceous cyst on the left side of his face removed via excision biopsis. The opening was stitched close after the surgery and he was given an anti-inflammation cream to apply after that. Funny thing however was that he wasn’t given anything to apply after his stitches were removed. All the doctor said was to avoid the sun for a couple of weeks. I applied Helichrysum hydrosol which is good for scar healing on his face daily but the stitch line was clearly visible.

Tape the scar to close it up
It was not till another doctor he consulted for other ailments suggested he taped his skin with Hojotape for the scar to close up and heal quicker.   The doctor’s instruction was to pinch the scar lightly and then place the tape over it.  Although we were rather skeptical, but we followed his instructions and amazingly, the line began closing up within a couple of days! 

I decided to post this entry because I just read some simple things to do to minimize scars at Emax Health.  Here we’re talking about scars from operations and not acne scars or blemishes though.

Massage scar lightly with sunscreen, cream or lotion
Besides using the Hojotape, avoiding the sun, applying scar healing creams and lotions like vitamin E, aloe vera, or cocoa butter, another useful suggestion is to massage the scar when applying the creams by pinching the scar lightly.  Doing so will make the scar stick or adhere to the underlying tissues.

Silicone sheets can be used separately
Silicone sheeting products can also be used.  However, as the article points out, it is hard to use both this and some of the scar massage suggestions at the same time because all creams and lotions must be cleansed off the skin really well before applying the silicone sheeting.

Scars fade but do not go completely away
The scar on my husband’s face is still visible but it has closed up a lot now.  One thing is that he gave up taping the scar after awhile and another is that such scars need a long time to heal completely.  And even so, they do not diminish completely but can possibly look better in time if you use some of these scar minimizing tips.


  1. Superman says:

    Can make the scar fade is good enough already. Thanks for sharing the tips.

    Superman: You’re welcome! ?

  2. prettybeautiful says:

    my sis had a surgery on her arm to remove some lumps when she was 12. and now she is 19. she has been a faithful user of nivea lotion, and she even applies it on her scar together. and guess what, the scar is so much smoother and lighter now! amazing.

    prettybeautiful: Ya, must apply cream/lotion faithfully. Your sis is good!

  3. Kim Fah says:

    At a friend wedding, I accidentally walked straight into the canopy ropes that was tied horizontally across my face. I had a 2.5cm cut on my nose bridge between my eyes. The cut/scar was very visible and I was afraid that it might be permanent as the cut was quite deep. From the newspaper advert then, I bought the Kosmea Rose Hip Oil and apply diligently day and night for 3 weeks. After that, my scar was completely healed and no keloid at all. Nobody would’ve known there had been a scar on my nose before. I’m thankful! Hope this will help others trying to recover from scars.

    By the way, I love your blogs Sesame. Keep up the good work ?

    Kim Fah: Wow, that was quite a cut and I’m so glad your scar is gone! Rosehip oil is fantastic in that regards. I tried Renew and Trilogy – very good for new scars. I read that Kosmea is good too and now you’ve confirmed it!

    Hey I am so happy to learn that you like my blog! ? Come back often! ?

  4. Dee says:

    Sesame, if this really helps I’m gonna try it too! =)

    Dee: It should help if your scar is relatively new.

  5. Renee says:

    Does anyone know where I can purchase Hojotape? I’ve looked online and the local pharmacy, but can’t find it.

  6. Iris says:

    Hello there, one thing that really worked for me was lemon juice applied on the scar (in my case cysts or pimples) when u have it or u pinched it, it will leave a little hole that if not put back together will cause a bigger scar. The lemon juice will somehow burn a little the scar closing the hole and making it much better, sometimes almost not visible after a week or so. It has made wonders for me. Also, if you put lemon juice on the affected are it will lighten your skin helping the scars to fade, as well as leaving your face healthier and brighter. Give it a try ?

  7. sesame says:

    Wow, but won’t the lemon juice sting the scar if it’s too fresh? But that’s a good tip to bear in mind. ?

  8. char says:

    ooo! thanks for the useful tip on the hojotape!:) pinned it for future reference!:)

    Maybe the helichrysum is in hydrosol form – so not concentrated enough to completely heal the wound. cos’ I read amazing reviews about the EOs in healing wounds / bruises.

    i planned on buying the oil so did some online research and that there are actually ~ 600 species of helichrysum, and the best helichrysum is the Immortelle cos of the chemicals Neryl Acetate and di-ketones. which is apparently not in all species. heh. love being a geek!

    Now just eagerly waiting for the EO to arrive! it is expensive though! about USD 40+ for 3 ml. planning to use on some old scars – see if it works! let me know if you are curious and want me to share yah!
    char last post is: Re/Upcycled (pretty!) glass bottles

  9. Sesame says:

    It’s very expensive! Just couldn’t bring myself to buy it. ? But yes, do share your results!

  10. Azanis says:

    Yes, it is very expensive. I am using Azanis scar serum and got very good results. Thanks for sharing!

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