How to stay beautiful: be 31 or be plastic

It’s Saturday and it’s time for some quick rambles. Here are two fom me.

Age 31: truth or rubbish?
The magic number for beauty is 31 for women – so says an article over at Mail Online about a survey conducted with over 2000 British men and women, that 31 is a woman’s prime age in terms of confidence, style, and beauty. The first thing that struck me after reading that, was that if 31 is the peak for a woman, that means it’s downhill from that age isn’t it? Well, I’m definitely past my prime and although I can’t say much about my style and beauty, but my confidence is definitely way higher now than when I was 31. How do I know? I wouldn’t be able to swear to that when I was 31 all over again!

Plastic beauty: admire or envy?
I was looking at the front cover of Urban and saw that they had featured Dr Georgia Lee, a famous celebrity aesthetic doctor in Singapore. She looks good in the picture but we know from past articles about her that she has been working on her face constantly. So I’m thinking: how do most people regard a woman who has extensive works done on her face and body like the use of botox, laser treatments, fillers, plastic surgery and liposuction? Would they be regarded as beautiful or would they still be considered as a fake beauty in today’s context where such cosmetic procedures are already commonplace and liposuction prices are now more affordable? Personally, I’m quite ambivalent about this issue; depending on the subject in question, I can be neutral or critical. But I’ll probably keep my mouth shut on this one in case I ever have to have works done on my face!

So tell me: what’s your rambles on these?

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  1. AtelierGal says:

    I thought the same thing: how do I find credibility in her when she talks about skincare techniques and maintaining good skin?

    I believe it’s confidence that makes a woman beautiful. Nevermind the wrinkles and saggy skin, its the confidence she radiates from within that captures attention.

    Too many look-alike these days, I won’t even want to give a second look

  2. Vonvon says:

    I am at that age, but I certainly wouldn’t want to go downhill from here. ;P

    I am happy and comfortable with myself, my looks (except for that constant question of “is no. 2 on the way?”…yes, my weight) and all…. hope things will get better and better! I wouldn’t want to look back and wish that I am younger! ? Because people cannot guess my real age by just looking at me now!

  3. flym says:

    I’m actually quite neutral when it comes to this. I feel it’s their body and so it’s their right to do as they please, as long as they don’t hurt others. Myself, I’m ok with ageing. I don’t mind looking my age but certainly not older than my age. I can’t imagine being well-maintained always. Who has the time? Exception: celebs or those in professions where youthful appearance matters a great deal.
    Anyway, I’m way past caring what others think. As long as I”m satisfied, it would be an important lesson I can teach my daughter.

  4. BlovetBeauty says:

    I think there’s probably a limit to how much plastic a person can and should be. If it starts looking very fake and artificial than its kinda sad but if it enhances and boost self esteem than I guess it helps. I like how everyone kinda has their own look though and being plastic currently seems to be heading towards a certain type of dolly look which is kinda like a template beauty.. Well I still like the traditional way of obtaining beauty by facials, peels and being pampered and spas.. Nips and tucks are way too scary for mee

  5. Rennie says:

    I think in this day and age women are too focused on using outside help such as heavy makeup to make them feel both beautiful and confident. Instead of focusing on the interiors such as having/maintaining healthy skin, good diet, regular exercise too many people are caught up with “what’s the easiest way to make me beautiful?” In terms of plastic surgery, I am kind of neutral. People have rights to do whatever they want to their bodies as long as they don’t become…i don’t know…public hazards?

  6. catherine says:

    I am 34 this year and I am considering doing some non-invasive procedures.No doubt, people say that confidence exudes from within but I need to look good in order to feel good. Perhaps there are too many women like me and that’s why aesthetics docs are making big bucks…

  7. sesame says:

    Oh yes they’re are! And many of them have no qualms rushing you to do stuff when you don’t really need them.

  8. sesame says:

    I agree…people are looking for short term fix and are less willing to spend time taking care of themselves. It needs a whole paradigm shift in terms of the mindset to look from internal.

  9. sesame says:

    Yeah, I’m like you. I’m scared shit of going under the knife.

  10. sesame says:

    Being happy with yourself and how you look is important. There’s no end of what others think anyway. The problem is, some people will always want more so I guess that’s where the obsession begins.

  11. sesame says:

    Well, I think you look great because of the confidence you exude. ?

  12. sesame says:

    I agree about confidence. Geez…I had quite a bit of it until I started breaking out. That was bad; my confidence took a nosedive. If people gave me a 2nd look, I would think it was cause of my bad skin. I wanted to be an ostrich!

  13. Astarte says:

    I’m worried, that since plastic surgery is becoming more and more common, in addition to that it is becoming cheaper. Such things might lead to plastic surgery not only becoming a choice but a social necessity in 10-20 years. I would hate it if the world turned out to be a place where you either get a nose-job or you loose your job, etc.

    That, or this wave of people becoming more aware of the ingredients in their food, cosmetics and so on will expand to cover also surgical procedures. Giving the world a perspective that natural beauty is better than beauty achieved by plastic surgery.

    As for a personal opinion, mine is actually pretty neutral. I have nothing against plastic surgeries and I know in some cases they are needed, however I’m cool with it as long as I have a choice of not getting such procedures.

  14. sesame says:

    It will most probably be both ways; we have people who will embrace plastic surgery as a quick way to look beautiful and those who prefer the natural route. I suspect we’ll have more of the former though.

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