The weather is hot & I’m piling up my clothes

I’m totally loving the dresses and tops I got from Bangkok. They’re totally my style and they fit me to a T. And they were all purchased from one department store – Central Chidlom. Here’s a jersey dress that I bought that I can either dress up or dress down, depending on what I pair with.

The reason why I love this piece so much is that it’s simple, it’s clean and it goes very well with my Fitflop! Heh. I don’t need special shoes just to make this outfit work and it makes a smart street wear! The only flaw is that the sleeve holes are too huge but there’s nothing a tube won’t fix. Taller girls can probably wear this as a top over their pants or jeans but for me, I’m really small so that style won’t work for me.

Stick to the same family of colors
Because Singapore is so hot most of the time, it’s not practical to pile up but that doesn’t mean we can’t experiment with simple layering. A scarf would be nice to try with this outfit but I prefer my grey flowing cardigan with this piece on some days when I need to dress up a little. Put on a pair of heels and I’m ready to go! Anyway, the art to not look like an a clown when it comes to layering is to stick to the same color family. So a white jacket or cardigan will also work here.

Avoid looking fat or frumpy
But this flowing cardigan from Dorothy Perkins is great to add the desired shape and dimension to the outfit. It’s also versatile to allow me another look with the belt worn outside that can take me to events that are marked ‘smart casual’ and I don’t think I look fat or frumpy eh?

Be flexible with layering
The greatest thing about this whole outfit is that the layering works great for indoors where it’s cold and yet, when it’s warm as I step out, the cardigan can be easily removed.


  1. Soos says:

    If fitflops come in brown, that would tie in with the brown belt. Red fitflops and handbag would spice things up. Even a bright blue would be a good accent.

    Even in hot humid Hawaii, I wear a lot of black, though I do choose lighter fabric. One of my favorite outfits is black capris, lightweight black jersey top with a U-shaped neck and 3/4 sleeves, plus a bright pink/gold shawl in a light fabric.

  2. Amanda says:

    The more I observe how people dress themselves, the more I understand the way you dress can really make or break your look. But unfortunately, I am not the kind of girl who is skillful at mix and match, or layering. That’s why my favorite is one-piece dresses. They are simply convenient and comfortable.

  3. Veira says:

    Love it! Looks laid back yet it has that unique character ? and most importantly, you look so comfortable.

  4. sesame says:

    Yes, it’s very comfortable. ?

  5. sesame says:

    Oh one piece dresses are indeed more convenient and comfortable and I’ll go for one more feature – material that needs no ironing!

  6. sesame says:

    I thought a black belt would make the look more complete…but I like the idea of red Fitflops and handbag.

    I avoid all black outfit; my mom has successfully made me stay off the color over the years of nagging. ?

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