Beauty Kitchen: 5 ways to drink your green tea

Hey green tea lovers! How have you been drinking your green tea? Just plain o-cha style? Well, today, I’m sharing with you five different ways you can use green tea and perhaps one or two of these might appeal to those of you who don’t quite like the taste of green tea.

Green tea is great for beauty and I’ve discussed how drinking green tea can help reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet rays through the polyphenols from the tea. At the same time, researchers have said that the polyphenols called catechins in green tea may trigger weight loss by stimulating the body to burn calories and decreasing body fat. So ready for some green tea beauty goodness? Then here goes!

1. Green tea with lemon and honey
Who says green tea must always be drank neat? You’ll be surprised how well it goes with lemon and honey. Just add a teaspoon of green tea powder to about half a tablespoon of honey with a squeeze of lemon. It’s awesomely refreshing! Lemon by the way is beneficial for skin as it has plenty of vitamin C and it’s great for those who want fairer skin.

2. Green tea with barley
Barley is great for alleviating inflammations and promote clearer skin so this should appeal to many ladies. Just boil some barley, add rock sugar and then in your cup, mix in about half to one tablespoon of green tea powder depending on your preference.

3. Green tea with chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum is a great coolant popular in Chinese medicinal practice and I’ll say this one is great for detox purposes. Similar to the earlier recipe, just boil some chrysanthemum, add rock sugar and then in your cup, mix in half to one tablespoon of green tea powder depending on your preference.

4. Green tea neat
Of course some of you like green tea neat and so here’s just plain old matcha. It’s a great taste but it may have to be acquired for some of us. I’m not sure how it’ll taste with some sugar but it maybe worth experimenting. Who knows…some of you may actually like that better.

5. Green tea with yogurt
I’m not fond of eating yogurt. I find the taste weird but by mixing a good amount of green tea powder, the weird taste is sort of masked and I find it quite agreeable to my tastebuds. However, some of you may not like this and well, you can always use this as a face mask. Heheh.

Choice of using green tea powder or green tea bags
You would have noticed that I used green tea powder here. Of course you can use green tea bags but I personally prefer the powdered form. One thing to note is that while green tea brings lots of beauty benefits but drinking too much may cause your skin to be drying as green tea is also a diuretic. Anyway, if you have more green tea to spare, check out my post on 5 ways to use green tea for your face.


  1. EcoBeauty says:

    There’s another way. Mix green tea with soya or hazelnut milk and it tastes great, too! ? I’m a sucker for milky/creamy stuff but of course, this isn’t as healthy. Sort of like a dessert or if made warm, can be like coffee/cappuccino. ?

  2. Carrie says:

    I LOVE green tea, especially when I am feeling and my internal hot/cold chi is imbalanced I’d always go for green tea (sometimes chrysanthemum tea but I find green tea works faster!!!). I have also been drinking it neat. The though of adding lemon juice with honey sounds great too~ So might try that as well ?

  3. chuishia says:

    oohh…i love green tea. My fave is the lemon and honey idea! Now must go and get some green tea powder. I’ve only got the tea bags at home. ?

  4. sesame says:

    I was thinking of milk but I gave it a pass…will give soya milk a try….I think it might work well with almond milk too. Add ice. ?

  5. sesame says:

    You probably will like the refreshing taste. I am just not into cold drinks so much but otherwise it’ll be nice drank chilled.

  6. sesame says:

    The tea bags can still work. Give it a try. But of course the matcha taste better IMO.

  7. hazel says:

    Green tea powder with ice cream? How about that? hehehe…
    Lately, my favorite green tea is the handy Pokka jasmine green tea teabags from the supermarket (“,) very aromatic and soothing ? Usually drink it without sugar and it is just divine… (“,)
    hazel last post is: Fun with Back to M.A.C.

  8. wenny says:

    where did you get green tea powder from? is it the same as matcha powder? im trying to buy but i cant seem to find it ):

  9. sesame says:

    Yes, that’s nice actually and I wanted to introduce that except that ice cream is not so much a beauty food.

  10. sesame says:

    Where are you based? I got it from the supermarket.

  11. swati says:

    I love green tea neat but yes, it tastes great with lemon and honey. Rest I haven’t tried. the barley idea sounds good.
    swati last post is: Liz Earle Botanical Shine Treatment {Product Review}

  12. sesame says:

    It’s quite refreshing with the barley too…and great for the skin!

  13. MilkTeaLove says:

    What’s the brand of the green tea power you’ve used and where to buy it? I live in Singapore. Thanks.

  14. Coleen says:

    MilkTeaLover: u can gt such at supermarket like isetan or cold storage. Nt too sure if ntuc has. Mayb thise ntuc tt sells japanese exports gds, u can find it.

  15. sesame says:

    I don’t know what’s the brand, but you can find it selling at the major Cold Storages as well as the Japanese supermarkets. It’s just green tea powder without sugar or preservatives. Cost around $13+. I was looking for a can of matcha powder but I couldn’t find it.

  16. sesame says:

    Yeah, I think I’ve seen it at NTUC Finest.

  17. MilkTeaLove says:

    Thank you sesame! I’d like to try your recipes haha!

  18. MilkTeaLove says:

    Thank you Coleen!

  19. RedScorpio says:

    I love green tea and drink it all year round, hot or cold, and even with food because it clears your palate. I usually prefer having its taste “upgraded” but I always rely on ready-made mixes, such as the ones from Yogi Tea (their Triple Echinacea, Green Energy and Tao Jasmine are some of my favourites) .
    One suggestion I read somewhere, but never actually tried, was to mix green tea with a spoonful of strawberry jam, or with strawberry or cranberry juice. It will be soon strawberry season so I think I will give it a try after all!

  20. sesame says:

    Oh green tea with strawberry jam? Hope it’s good. I’ll probably give the cranberry juice one a try when I get the chance.

  21. SCS says:

    That must be a famous brand of Japanese Green Tea. Drinking green tea needs some added flavor because it tastes a bit bitter or maybe because of the way it was made?

    Green tea powder mixed with ice cream. How does it sound? ?

  22. sesame says:

    It has a strong taste but not exactly bitter, as compared to Chinese tea. Mixing with ice cream is nice but some ladies might consider that fattening. ?

  23. AmyEliza says:

    I love green tea, and I love adding macha to a lot of things I eat. I wish I knew of macha earlier because I only started drinking it a few months ago. Macha with my yogurt is one of my favorite things
    AmyEliza last post is: BUY MATCHA – Your body will thank you

  24. Sesame says:

    Have you tried matcha with honey even without the lemon? It’s a must-try!

  25. Angel says:

    hi. i would like to know , is green tea same with those Chinese tea?

  26. Sesame says:

    No, this one is matcha from Japan.

  27. Katy says:

    I never even considered putting green tea in yogurt – I’m not a yogurt person either but I’ll definitely try it. Green tea has a way of adding a zing to things. But great health tips – sure to try some of the others.
    Katy last post is: Black Tea can prevent diabetes

  28. Sesame says:

    The yogurt smell isn’t great but the green tea sort of covers it up.

  29. Alice says:

    Hi Sesame! I know it’s a little late to comment since this post is 4 years old already. I have read articles stating that if you want to reap full beauty and wellness benefits from the green tea, you must drink it neat or with lemon/calamansi only. Adding sugar, milk, honey or anything only satisfy your taste buds and will add a little up to your calorie intake and I’ve read somewhere that it also weakens the flavonoids or catechins which are the antioxidant we are into. Sugar is also a no no to those who want to preserve their youthfulness since it eats away your skin’s elasticity. Enjoy it neat or with lemon, it’s the best way to go. Happy drinking!

  30. Sesame says:

    I see…thanks for sharing that info! Anyway, I drink it neat mostly.

  31. Vijay Bhabhor says:

    I use Green tea with lemon and honey and gives me results, I reduced some wait and my body feels relaxed.

  32. Bella says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. At present, I’m on diet and looking for all the possible ways to cut down my weight and this blog will definitely help in my diet plan. However, I have started using green tea from Halmari and it’s just awesome; the soothing aroma, taste and the kind of feel I get after drinking it – feels like it’s been crafted for my taste buds.

  33. Matcha says:

    Lemon and honey is my favorite one and I really love green tea. Thank you so much for writing about green tea.

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