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Astara Skin Care

More women these days are becoming conscious of what they use on their skin and increasingly turning to skin care labels that are promoted as organic, natural or botanical.  While it makes sense to apply creams or lotions containing natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic raw materials, we should also be aware that some natural ingredients may be harder to preserve against microbial contamination and growth.

Hence, when buying organic or natural skin care products, you’ll also want to find out if the natural ingredients have been well preserved to ensure that the product is bioactive and effective.  This is especially so as typical manufacturing procedures are heat reliant and overprocess biochemicals.  This means they denature vital proteins and destroy the important constituents in nature-derived ingredients.

I have to admit that I wasn’t aware about this until I read information from, which specializes in the creation of professional organic skin care products to meet all skin types; from oily, mature, dry skin, to even those with serious skin condition. 

On top of having their formulas derived from the finest botanical ingredients of the plant kingdom, both above and below the sea, Astara employs only lower-temperature, efficacy-preserving processing methods, never exceeding 105º F (36º C) to ensure fresh, live, active biocultures to benefit the skin most. 

And this is important because Astara’s organic products include natural ingredients like Wild Tam, Green Tea, White Tea and most recently, Totarol, a naturally occurring plant extract with potent antioxidant and anti-bacteria activity.

So the next time you look at any skin care range that promotes itself as organic or natural, remember to check out their preserving processing methods and find out if you’re getting the best from the ingredients.


  1. melanie miller says:

    Do you send out a catalog?

    melanie: Sorry, I don’t sell the products here. Please refer to the links for more information.

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