Anti-wrinkle: Alpha Lipoic Acid

I’ve created a new category labelled as Ingredients101 with the objective to put up brief notes on skin care ingredients that I’ve learnt about. The objective is really to help myself remember them. You see, even though I try to read a bit more about skin care ingredients, I find I usually cannot remember their benefits or worst, get them all confused. Hence, I’ve decided that a better way to aid my memory is to write about them here and hopefully, my readers will also find this useful. But instead of listing them down, I thought it’s easier to digest the information if I write about one ingredient each time.   So here goes my first one about Alpha Lipoic Acid:

– antioxidant that helps the body produce energy and regenerate
– endogenous and naturally present in the body
– prevent abnormal sugar-to-protein glycation
– both water and fat soluble so it can permeate all parts of a cell
– prevent cell damage 
– neutralize free radicals

Purported skin care benefits when applied topically:
– fights future skin damage
– repairs past skin damage
– diminishes fine lines
– gives skin a healthy glow
– removes certain types of scars
– provides moderate anti-inflammatory effects
– boosts levels of other antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E
– less irritating than other types of wrinkle fighters

Purported skin care benefits when taken orally:
– prevent cellular damage via its antioxidant properties

Known side effects:
– may cause skin rash for some when ingested orally
– may burn skin in high concentrations

Other names:
– A-lipoic acid
– 5-(Dithiolan-3-yl)Valeric acid
– 1,2-Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic acid

Products containing this ingredient:
– A’kin day and night creams


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