How to look fashionable with the scarf

Basic House Fashion Wear

I noticed some clothes on the racks come coordinated with a scarf. Rather narrow ones that look more like a belt to me and they typically take on the same material and print of the top or dress. Depending on the outfit, some of them do think interesting when put together. Others are really better off without them.

Bobson Fashion Wear

Whether long or short, wide or narrow, a scarf can make quite a whimsical accessory which can jazz up an otherwise plain outfit. However, I feel that scarves of a different material, print or color might be more interesting.

Onward Japan Fashion

As you can see here, there are many ways to wear the scarf. A plain tee look a lot more fashionable with a short colorful scarf tied into a knot. You can also achieve the bohemian look with a bigger rugged looking tassel scarf. And for more formal occasions, you can always fall back on using the scarf as a wraparound to add more color to that dress.


  1. jac says:

    where did you find the photos? i like the top 2 ? tks

    Jac: From various fashion websites. The sites address are listed on the images as credits.

  2. SARAH says:

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