Viva beauty and fashion promotions

Just a quick post to remind all about the current promotions over at Viva Woman. Some of the good deals are ending soon so you might want to check them out in case you’ve missed my earlier entries.

– a chance to win a set of black onynx rondelle handmade jewelry,
– save with 20% off chic fashion wear,
– free 15ml certified organic Jojoba oil (S’pore only), and
– free John Masters Organics Vitamin C Serum (S’pore only).

I’m also happy to announce that I’ll soon be able to bring you giveaways on a more frequent basis, for both my local and international readers! So stay tuned! Or better still, stay subscribed!

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  1. Morningdew says:

    Hi Sesame, I posted my comment on the jewellery giveaway earlier today and my comment was number 51. However, when I read it again just now, it wasn’t there anymore! I’m sure it posted okay when I wrote it this afternoon ?

    Morningdew: Hey, I’m so sorry! I actually remembered an increase in the number of entries but noticed it dropped by one. So it must have been yours! I suspect my fat fingers might have accidentally deleted it cos I was going through some spam that were not caught by my program. But I have since put yours back in with a simple comment. It’s at #54. Hope you’re alright with it. I’m sure it must have annoyed you and I really appreciate you letting me know what has happened.

  2. Morningdew says:

    Sorry, I meant to say my comment was #52.

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