White rice & bread are bad skin foods


If you have read the copy of Mind Your Body from The Straits Times yesterday, you may have chanced upon the article “You are what you eat.” The article was two pages long and it covered the foods that age us and the foods that keep us young.

According to the writer, the foods that age us include:
– carbonated drinks
– sausages
– coffee
– potato chips and fries
– sugary pastries
– red meat
– white rice and white bread

Bad carbohydrates
Of the list, white rice and white bread stand out for me because as an Asian, I think these count as my staple. For most of my life, I fed on this type of food on an almost daily basis. It’s only these two years that I started to cut down because my husband has been telling me that these are bad carbohydrates. I’ve also been reading books on how these are “bad skin foods”.

Low level of nutrients and fibre
In fact, if you run a search on these two foods, you’ll find in general, quite a bit of bad press on them. They are refined foods with low level of nutrients and fibre. Eating them will increase blood sugar level which can accelerate aging. On some sites, it’s even said that these foods cause toxins to build up in the body which will then manifest themselves through the skin as acne for some people.

Healthier alternatives
So what are the alternatives to eating white rice and bread? Choose brown rice and wholemeal or wholegrain bread which are healthier alternatives whenever you can.  And it goes without saying that you should also be eating lots of veggies and fruits at the same time for more antioxidant benefits!


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  1. pf1123 says:

    I have to agree with the top 6 items. The staple of ang mohs/westerners really makes a lot which I have seen older then they really are. (No offense to the westerners)

    But white rice and bread…I might take it with a pinch of salt. I dunno…just feel that the Japanese have been taking white rice and bread as their staple too and they’re the ones with generally nice skin.

    pf: I had the same question too but I was told the Japanese rice is short grained type which is sticky. So it’s different although I’m not too sure about their health benefits. But I think their diet is different from ours; they eat a lot of live seafood and drink lots of green tea. Could be more balanced than ours…

  2. Nikki says:

    You are right! Brown rice is definitely a better alternative ? A bit pricier than regular rice but the advantages are greater ?

    Nikki: I love short grain brown rice. Very tasty!

  3. Florence says:

    I mix brown & white rice together,it’s tast nicer this way!Btw I don’t eat rice everyday,in order not to get fat, i usually touch rice onw week 2 or 3 times,and per time is only half bowl cannot be more.keke

    Florence: I used to eat a lot of white rice! I called myself a rice barrel (fan tong)! But as I grow older, I can’t eat so much but on average, I have to eat rice at least for one meal.

  4. sarah says:

    i agree with everything except for white rice/white bread. i’m asian, eat rice with every meal and i eat 5 times a day and i’m 98lbs. my parents eat rice all their life and my family is thin. we don’t have any large family members. i guess i’m lucky then?

    Sarah: Perhaps your diet is also quite balanced and your good genes definitely help too! ?

  5. Natalie says:

    we know the culprits yet can’t resist sometimes, oh, especially during pre-menstruation period, chips and french fries top my list. Sigh, all those hormones. ?

    and,yes,blood sugar induce inflammation to our cells and tissues.

    Natalie: Eating occasionally should be fine. Everything in moderation! ?

  6. astrorainfall @ beauty box says:

    I have to agree with you Sesame. The facts are there that refined sugar and carbohydrates cause aging to accelerate. It’s hard to remove yourself from life-long eating habits though but I guess it’s good enough to have awareness and switch to whole grains indtead.

    Astrorainfall: I try to think in terms of having a balanced diet because like what you said, it’s hard to change some eating habits…

  7. peapot says:

    Wa! Sarah you eat 5 meals a day!! Whoa!! You are so lucky to still be slim. Do you mean these 5 meals consist of rice? Amazing. I only take take rice for dinner. Noodles for lunch and oats for breakfast. I understand yellow noodles are also bad for acne prone skin. But I can’t do without my mee-pok tah with loads of chilli!

    Sesame, I also try to mix brown rice with white rice for dinner but after inflation sets in and rice prices rockets, I just stick to white rice.

    Peapot: We only eat brown rice like once or twice a week and now maybe considering eating unpolished rice. Must check out the prices to see how it works out…

    Hey, yellow noodles too? I heard that it can cause yellowing if eaten excessively from my mom…not too sure but I don’t eat them so frequently.

  8. Eka says:

    Somewhat scary but it’s hard not to eat rice even for a day. I try to limit my rice to one cup per day but when my Mom buys a really yummy type of white rice, then I can’t help but eat more. The bottomline is, take everything in moderation. Too much is always bad.

    Eka: Yes, I completely agree with you about taking everything in moderation!

  9. Ms. Blacklace says:

    Whole meal bread is more filling htat white bread, and white rice is more filling that whole meal bread, and brown rice is MORE FUN TO EAT that white rice.

    Haha! So fun to chew on the husks.

    However, brown rice is more expensive and it takes longer to cook.

    Anyway I seldom snack on junk food and soft drinks, but every month, before my period comes, I’ll get this craving for jelly beans… Oh God…. THe sugar…. Like you’ve stated, sugar accelerates aging… And I’m trying to cut down! Also not a good idea to eat a lot of store bought bread loaves because they add preservatives.

    Ms Blacklace: I guess occasional munching is all right…I mean life is short right? But since I learnt about sugar, I started cutting back on eating chocolates. I used to munch on them every afternoon cos they were my energy food!

  10. Ms. Blacklace says:

    Opps, I meant “than” not “that”.

  11. pf1123 says:

    Actually I would love to eat brown rice. But I stopped because I tend eat supper after I ate brown rice for dinner. I don’t know why I can be hungry after a brown rice dinner.

    But with white rice, I’m fine after a bowl.

    After a while, I don’t choose the healthy choice anymore. Because I just don’t feel contented and I snack more. So, I rather eat my normal portion and just 3 square meals a day. That’s it.

    pf: Ah…now that you say about brown rice not filling, I remember someone making a comment that my son cannot be fat cos I was feeding him brown rice everyday for a period of two years. There seems to be some connection to what you’ve raised…

  12. pf1123 says:

    I don’t think the Japanese really eat a lot of raw seafood everyday. Sashimi or sushi is actually not considered cheap in Japan. In fact, my japanese teacher (many years ago) said she ate sushi for the first time when she was 8. And it was years after that she ate sushi the 2nd time.

    But yeah, I believe that aging is caused by varied factors (e.g. environment, diet, skincare, lifestyle, etc) and we cannot just isolate them.

    pf: Ah…I was under the impression that they eat quite a bit of raw seafood. Hey, you learned Japanese language? Do you like Japanese dramas?

  13. pf1123 says:

    Yup. I learnt enough to take the JLPT level 4 years ago…which I failed by a few points. hehe…

    That was years ago when I was in school. I forgot 90% of it, but whatever left helped me survived a recent 1 week trip in Tokyo. ?

    I don’t watch dramas on a regular basis.

    pf: Yeah, foreign languages need to be practiced regularly otherwise will forget… anyway, I only watch J-dramas once a year these days and it has to be starring my idol Takuya Kimura. Oops…better go and sleep now before 11pm! ?

  14. Raelynn says:

    my mom cooks brown rice (or at least i think it’s brown. or maybe it’s red hmmm), because it’s healthier etc. But my maid and i always lament that there’s always some foods that taste better when eaten with white rice, especially when eating CURRY! the gratification when eating white rice with curry and eating brown rice with curry is just so different. I suppose an argument is that instead of eating normal white rice, a suitable substitute is basmanti rice (from wikipedia: According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, basmati rice has a Medium glycemic index (GI) of between 56 and 69, thus making it more suitable for diabetics as compared to certain other grains and products made from white flour.) but it is also very expensive. frowns. And yes, for some reason brown rice makes me hungry during late nights.. but i’m not too sure if it’s because of the rice or because i’m staying up too late at night.

    Raelynn: Hey that’s a coincidence cos I was also thinking of getting basmati rice down the road. It’s very tasty! But yes, costlier than the usual too unfortunately. Thinking of this of maybe the unpolished rice first. See how… But you’re right, curry just doesn’t cut it with brown rice. Very odd taste. Brown rice is good for frying and also with baked dishes.

  15. Leon says:

    I have recently switched to Brown rice but I am still not able to get used to it. I love Basmati rice but my hubby doesn’t like which i think is strange because it smells so nice , how can someone not like it,lol

    Leon: I find brown rice nice when it’s baked or fried after being cooked. When cooked normally, the taste needs some getting used to. Hey, why your hubby doesn’t like basmati? It’s very tasty! Better than brown rice!

  16. lin says:

    omg I love chips! And red meat! I guess got to eat everything in moderation..I don’t mind cutting back on rice but not red meat! I find white meat kind of boring sometimes..like fish. Unless it’s deep fried, which again makes it unhealthy.

    Lin: Yeah, moderation is the key. Eating chips sometimes shouldn’t hurt. For white meat, I guess it depends on the recipe. Some fish are nice when baked with herbs. I love chicken – cooked any way.

  17. Yeppoyo says:

    I eat white rice all the time and I can’t live with out my chips and red meat! I do like fish – my favs are salmon and tilapia, but sometimes its not as flavorful as I would like it. You know I’ve never tried brown rice. Maybe I should and see where that goes, lol.

    Yeppoyo: I’ve eat white rice all my life too! ? It’s only these 2 years that I started eating brown rice on some days. Try brown rice sometimes if you get the chance. The short grains are more tasty for me, but again, it also depends on what you eat with. It’s a bit troublesome to prepare cos you have to soak it. That’s when I forget sometimes…

  18. Leon says:

    I am still clueless, lol It smells and tastes so good but he doesn’t like it. If I make Basmati rice he crinkles his nose so I don’t enjoy making it. Yes, I completely agree with you on the fact that brown rice tastes better when baked but somehow for frying I am still not able to get the right consistency ,its kinda sticky. We usually have it with curry.

    Leon: Well, I don’t care for cooking much so I don’t fry the rice myself. It’s my husband who does a perfect job of frying it, Japanese style. You need to cook it as per normal, then fry it with garlic, vegetable or some meat when it’s cool.

  19. Leon says:

    Oh I love red meat and fries too, and I don’t think there’s any alternative to these,lol

    Good that tea is not on the list:)

    Leon: Hey, tea is good stuff. I’m reading Perricone Promise and white tea, black tea and green tea are all on the good food list!

  20. verysexy says:

    Oh yes I agree especially as regards the carbs but damn I love my blue mountain coffee.

    verysexy: Your blue mountain coffee sounds exotic! ?

  21. Leon says:

    I get the right consistency when I make fried rice using white rice but brown rice has oat like texture and I don’t like this kinda texture for rice:( I am sure I am doing something wrong.

    Wow I love green and black tea:)

    Leon: I doubt I can fry brown rice right either.

  22. prettybeautiful says:

    hmmm im not a big fan of rice nor bread. but i dont like brown rice either ?

    prettybeautiful: Then that’s good because you don’t have too much to cut back. Potatoes or sweet potatoes are good too for staples.

  23. ann says:

    I am a little surprised that brown rice was less filling for some because it’s the exact opp for me!! I usually have it for lunch and it keeps me full longer than white rice.

    Anyway, I think the brown rice nowadays taste better than before. I remember my grandma had to force feed me brown rice porridge when I was young. hahaa. Can’t believe I’m eating it so readily now.

    Ann: Yeah, I think the taste is better now. The short grains are quite nice to chew on.

  24. Mollie says:

    I do not drink soda, or eat sausage, red meat, chips, fries, white bread, or suger(often)…and for me keeping a that diet makes me feel great! When avoiding those food you are avoiding bad carbs, some of those foods & drinks are what I believe causes many westerners weight problems. Wild rice is also a great alternative, very satisfying and delicious. (For breakfast try hot wild rice with blueberries…Yum!)


    Mollie: Hey, you’ve very good eating habits! I haven’t seen much of wild rice here but yes, blueberries are great and they’re considered superfood!

  25. sarah says:

    to peapot: yes, i eat white rice with all my 5 meals daily. i’m thankful my stomach is rather small so i get full fast but i get hungry sooner and more times then most, that’s why i eat 5 times a day. i do eat junk food to though. i love mc donald’s…that’s my guilty pleasure. with me, i’ve eaten whatever and whenever i wanted. i don’t believe in not eating after 8pm or so or before bed….because i eat at 3am very often and then i jump into bed. the only thing is that i have eye bags from not enough sleep. p.s. my bf calls me his little pig because i eat everything and anything. XP oh, and maybe i’m lighter 98lbs because i’m short too, which i hate. i’m 5 feet even and i envy tall people.

    Sarah: Beautiful things comes in small packages; applies to people too. I’m short like you and I used to be bothered by it. But I figured out along the way that since I can’t do anything to change that, I should just chill and appreciate myself. When you have more confidence, you’ll feel better. ?

  26. kaffeelover says:

    But what’s the point of living if we don’t get to eat them?!?!?!

    Yea..the point is to eat in moderation…as always

    But I really have to have my coffee everyday..

    Kaffeelover: Ah I know what you mean…life is too short. It depends on priorities and I would agree on moderation.

  27. Peter says:

    Hi! I agree with you that there are healtheir alternatives then white rice and bread but I need to explain the difference to you.

    White bread is not the same as white rice.

    White bread is a simple carbohydrate whereas white rice is a complex carbohydrate.

    White bread or sweet bread (called by the French) turns into a sugar in our body when it’s consumed. Soughdough bread doesn’t because it’s a complex carbohydrate.

    White rice, although lacking in fiber and more nurtients then brown rice, is still a complex carbohydrate.

    White rice, rice and noodles in general, is one of the biggest reasons why the obesity rate of Signapore and Japan are so low compared to the UK, Australia, and the United States. The staple foods are different.

    Sure we all understand brown rice or 100% whole wheat bread is healthier and has more nutrients, but when in comes down to it…you have to look at what TYPE of carbohyrdate you’re putting in your body.

    Obviously complex carbs are better for you then simple carbs because they keep your blood sugar at a stable rate and take longer to break down so you stay full longer.

    White rice also has more calories in a serving then white bread but yet those other cultures are still skinnier. Why?

    If you consume 100 calories of fat, lets say from mayo, and you don’t burn any of it your body stores roughly 99 of those calories.

    If you consume 100 calories from white rice, without exercise your body stores 77 of those calories.

    It’s simple math.

    Please do more research next time when posting an article.

    There is a reason why the Chinese, Viet, Japanese, Taiwanese, and other asian races have a low obesity rate compared to America for a reason.

    Rice is certainly one of their advantages that I consume on a daily basis and I’m not even Asian myself.

    Learn from their history and their diet.

    Eating brown rice and wheat bread is healthier for you but ultimately it’s whether those calories are burned or stored. Regardless of how healthy it is you could gain weight just eating carrots if that’s all you did.

    I hope that helps.

    Peter: Oh did you even read what my post is about? It’s not about obesity. We’re talking about food that are bad for skin. So please read before trying to admonish that I did not do enough research. Anyway, this source of info came from a secondary source of info which had done sufficient research. And why Asians have a low obesity rate is not just due to the consumption of white rice and bread. Btw, does skinny means healthy? I don’t think so.

  28. Rebecca Collins says:

    I agree with you on your last statement. I am the skiniest person in my family 105lb at 5’4 and I suffer from a lots of health problems one of which is acne. I am from a Spanish country where our diet includes a lot of white rice and white bread. I’m starting to cut back on these foods and see if it helps my acne.

  29. 石真豪 says:


  30. Vanessa says:

    I heard that brown rice is very heaty.It makes our skin break out more and people in the olden days gave brown rice to chicken to make them fatter.I wonder if it may occur to us too?hmm..

  31. sesame says:

    Er? Never heard of this but I’ve been eating it for quite some time without problems.

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