Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Mud to cleanse scalp

Ahava pure dead sea mud

I was at Marina Square over the weekend and spotted Ahava.  I remembered Pinky gave some positive comments on their range in my entry on Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask & Salt and decided to check out the shop.  I eventually bought two packs of the Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Mud because they’re 100% pure mud harvested from the banks of the Dead Sea without any form of additives.   Plus they were on offer at S$16 for two!

The Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Mud is from their spa collection and contains a high concentration of magnesium, potassium and calcium in soluble form.  When I cut a small gap at the corner of the packet and squeezed it, liquid mud oozed out!  The reason was probably because the mud had settled and I had to pressed the pack so that the mix is more even. 

Cleanses the scalp
Although this is meant to be used on the body to deep clean, exfoliate, and restore the skin’s natural moisture balance, I decided to use it on my scalp because dead sea mud is also well known for cleaning away dirt, excess oil, and unhealthy toxins from the scalp – suitable for those suffering from oily scalp, hair loss or dandruff.  In fact, you can also add some jojoba oil to the mud if you want to have that moisturizing factor.

diy dead sea mud mask
* The Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Mud was only used on my scalp, not my face.

Rubbed generously directly on the scalp
I just rubbed a generous portion of the mud directly on my scalp and then put a shower cap over my head.   After a few minutes, I actually felt my scalp feeling rather warm and I subsequently shampooed my hair after about 15 mins.   I didn’t use the Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Mud on my face because I was told not to, although I had thought otherwise.  But anyway, I decided not to take the risk and used the Dead Sea Mud Mask from C’est Naturel instead.

Cleansed scalp and hair felt light
So did my hair feel cleaner?  Well, I had only applied the mud on the front of my scalp and not the back.  My hair still felt oily and so I still used my shampoo.  My scalp did look very cleansed and my hair felt quite light after the shampoo.  I was also reminded of the rhassoul clay I tried on my scalp before. However, I supposed it’s too preliminary to say what other specific benefits I gained.

Dried mud can be used again by adding water
The mud smelled fine to me and I would certainly use this dead sea mineral mud again.  The 8.5 oz pack is probably going to last me at least another four to five times of usage.  I had the balance emptied into a jar with a lid.  I was told that if the contents dried up after some time, I only have to add some water and it’s good to be used again. 

Use dead sea mud to relieve aches
I’ll like to try the Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Mud on my shoulder the next time to relieve some of the aches that I’ve been experiencing.  Only problem is that I’ve to heat up the mud and to wrap the area.  Kind of troublesome to me.  Maybe I’ll try it when I have more time.

Ahava by the way is located at #02-274A Marina Square and also #03-12 The Centrepoint.  You can also purchase their mineral mud online.


  1. sesame says:

    Hmm…okay I’m not sure about this. I was told the brand is one of the first or first few in Israel.

  2. sesame says:

    I’ve never heard about illegal mineral muds…but I would like to read up more about this. It makes interesting topics for discussion.

  3. AtelierGal says:

    It’s a pity their purifying mud mask & serum aren’t included in the promotions… ?


  4. sesame says:

    Yup, not everything is on promo. I was eyeing their new range without parabens and sls but they were not discounted.

  5. Cass says:

    They are having 15% discount for members. Just buy any product and join as a member. The 15% discount can be enjoyed immediately.

  6. sesame says:

    I recall they passed me a form to fill up but I promptly forgot about it. Maybe the next time…

  7. sesame says:

    Thanks for clarifying. I personally find it hard to believe that an established brand would do anything illegal and yet be around for so long. I should add a disclaimer to Nancy’s comment though – that her view is independent and is not the view of vivawoman.net!

  8. iluvshopping77 says:


  9. Siew Ying says:

    I have seen another Ahava outlet at Bishan Junction 8. A rather small outlet though

  10. Independentthinker says:

    Really???!?! You should do a google search for all the companies that have been around for a long time that have been fined for illegal and unethical behavior. You can start with L’Oreal. They were sued for discrimination just a couple of years ago. Wow, people like you are the reason that bad stuff is still going on today. You blindly believe and financially support companies/organizations that don’t care about anything or anyone except themselves and their shareholders. Pitiful!

  11. sesame says:

    I am the reason? Haha…you certainly give me a lot of credit. LOL.

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