Yukuko Tanaka face contouring and anti-aging massage

Recently, I received a query from Lina if I’ve come across Japanese beauty expert Yukuko Tanaka (田中宥久子) and her Zogan face contouring massage techniques (塑颜按摩法).  Lina is from the Essential Day Spa forum and according to her, a number of them at the forum are interested in this technique but because of the language, are having some difficulty figuring it all out.  I visited the thread and found that a number of them have given positive reviews after trying the massage techniques for just a week or more.

Combination of lymphatic drainage and facial acupuncture
I managed to track down the Chinese and English translated videos at YouTube, part A & B of which I’ve posted here, and I found that what was used is a combination of lympatic drainage, facial acupuncture and activating of the meridian points – pretty close to the some of the lymph massages from Chizu Saeki of The Japanese Skincare Revolution and the facial I currently am receiving at True Beauty as well as the Guasa TCM facials.   And yes, it’s true that such techniques have a positive face contouring and lifting effect.

11 steps in the anti-aging facial massage
There are 11 steps in the Zogan massage and much of the techniques actually focus on lymph massages, which are meant to flush out the waste in our lymph vessels and make our face less puffy and firmer.  So in the videos, you’ll noticed that with every step, Tanaka kept going back to massaging the front of the ears and down to the neck and collarbones.  In fact, to proceed with the facial massage, you should first flush out the toxins by doing the massage from the front the ears to the collarbone thrice.

Lymph nodes positions
According to what I’ve read from The Japanese Skincare Revolution, parotid lymph nodes are located in front and behind our ears and the lymph nodes in the small hollows behind the ears also affect facial swelling and firmness.  Those at the sides of the neck are the cervical lymph nodes and those above the collarbones are known as the supraclavicular lymph nodes.

Uncomfortable about some of the massages
If I’m not wrong, there are five video clips but if you do not have the time, it is sufficient to watch just part A & B which I’ve posted here. Actually after watching the two clips, I’m actually quite uncomfortable with some of the massage techniques. One is around the eyes, because I find it difficult to massage from the outer area to the inner area without pulling the delicate skin around there.   In the video, Tanaka explained that doing this helps to reduce puffiness and dark eye circles.  I suppose massaging with oil would help facilitate that purpose but I would rather just press the six acupoints around the eyes, which also serves the same purpose.

Steps to improve face contour and prevent sagging
The other is to push the cheeks up because it’s supposed to reduce the fats or cellulites in that area. I’m not used to such massages where my face is contorted as such and according to the explanation, you need to press quite hard on the area.  By massaging the face from the outer area to the nose area, that is supposed to prevent the face from sagging. The step that follows immediately after is to reduce the nasolabial folds. Note that you’re supposed to repeat thrice for each step.

Massages should not make the face gaunt looking
I read from the EDS thread that some ladies are worried that the Tanaka massage will make their face become more gaunt. Well, according to my experience, it should not. In fact, if done correctly, your face should appear “flatter” without the puffiness and the nasolabial folds and yet more contoured.

Need to employ the correct pressure points
The Tanaka Zogan anti-aging facial massage seem quite easy when you watch it. The whole works should take about 5 minutes or less once you’re comfortable with the steps. However, the massage pressures must be suitably employed and in her words, you should be “comfortably pained”, whatever that means. Personally, I find that tricky because you should not press too hard and neither should it be too soft. To understand this better, you should watch part D of the videos.

Overall thoughts
The Tanaka face contouring massage, available in a book and a DVD, is supposed to eliminate spots, wrinkles, dullness, sagging, and even the reduction in the pore size. Based on my experience, I think such massage techniques are effective to improve the blood circulation and the contour of the face, thus contributing to an overall face lift.  It can therefore help reduce dullness, sagging plus wrinkles and you would look more radiant and younger as a result. Definitely worth your while to try it out especially if you’re into a DIY beauty approach.  But, you must have the patience to do this every day for the effects to be sustained.  In addition, you still need to use the right skin care products in order to eliminate the other skin problems because such techniques cannot eradicate your acne or pigmentation.


  1. zhenling says:

    how often should one be doing such massages? once a day? twice? please reccommend a good massaging cream to go with it

  2. sesame says:

    Once a day should be sufficient…as it is, I find it hard to do that.

    Personally, I find oil to be easier for massage purposes. The only cream I can think of is those of hydrating mask because they don’t get absorbed easily. I have a couple from Lavera and I think those can be used and should not clog pores too.

  3. Jesse89 says:

    Hi Sesame! Btw, her name is Yukuko Tanaka not Hisako Tanaka! ?

  4. pf1123 says:

    Isn’t it difficult to massage one’s own face? (Sorry, at work…youtube blocked)

  5. fwy says:

    I had seen this massage technique in some Taiwanese beauty magazine too. I tried it out for a couple of weeks but I don’t see any difference. However, I do not have wrinkles yet & my skin is not sagging.

  6. Crystal says:

    i’ve seen this on youtube, there are several people out there that have posted their own ways of anti aging massages (based on the book) too. Except it is in English.

    Glad these are in Chinese. favorited them !

  7. Crystal says:

    I tried them before (different kinds) to massage my face to relieve stress. It kind of did, but you definitely need to use some type of oil (I used jojoba oil). It’s non clogging!

  8. Suz says:

    I COULD NEVER keep up with this…just seems to hard…and truth to be told…I am more worried about other facial problems…*acne* lol…to care about wrinkles…or anything else…I guess I am being naive..since am still in my 20’s but once I hit 25 then I’ll think about massages ? but I sure do love your infos and reviews!!

  9. sesame says:

    Oh thanks for pointing out! I had difficulty finding her full name and I googled her Chinese name and Hisako Tanako turned up along with info on her DVD.

  10. sesame says:

    Yes, I think so too. It’s not easy but it can be done of course…the only problem is, are we using the right pressure?

  11. sesame says:

    Hmm…I think if your skin is already firm, probably not much of a difference. But no improvement in complexion tone even?

  12. sesame says:

    They have in English too? Haven’t seen that.

  13. sesame says:

    Yup, oil would be much better. Btw, I saw your entries on the VivaBella Giveaway. You should be commenting on the sponsors and products. ? I had to delete some of them though so that I can make a draw on the valid entries later.

  14. sesame says:

    I’m older than you and I’m also worried about acne. I have to come to this age to battle with them due to hormonal imbalance. Grrr…

  15. Suz says:

    DAMN hormones!!! I always thought once I was 20…they would stop…but it’s not true!! ? I just when I hit my 40’s I don’t have the same issues.

  16. pao says:

    thank you for the informative entry on the massage! i find that cold cream is great for this too ?

  17. sesame says:

    I’ve never tried cold cream before so not sure. What brand do you suggest?

  18. Angel says:

    Very interesting! Do you think that this would work as a preventative measure? Are you supposed to do this everyday? I wish the videos had subtitles. ? oh well, thanks for putting that fourm link up too, that is helpful. Nice article!

  19. sesame says:

    Yes, it would when done correctly. Make sure your face is well lubricated. If your skin is young and firm, you can do this like 2 – 3 times a week. Of course, every day would be great.

  20. Stephanie Elizabeth says:

    Hi Sesame! I came across this post the day you put it up, and I was able to get the videos translated into English. I did the voiceovers/subtitles myself, and just in case any of your readers don’t understand Chinese or Japanese, I thought I’d share with you the link: http://www.epicbeautyguide.com/2010/01/face-contouring-anti-aging-massage/

    Thanks for posting this! It got me started on this massage and I LOVE it!


  21. sesame says:

    Oh you did! Wonderful! It’ll be much clearer with the translation for those who don’t understand Chinese or Japanese. Thanks Stephanie!

  22. lina says:

    wow! this page looks so good! i’m the original poster from EDS, that was desperate and asking you about this massage. when frantically searching about this massage, i came across your website… you seemed very informed and up-to-date with all the asian skincare.

    i’m so happy to see this on your website. are you using it? i’m so happy!

    yes, i heard someone/a guest from your site came to EDS, and actually translated this.

    thank you sesame! you’re just a fabulous lady!

    p.s. did you get to meet critic, the EDS member that originally brought this to the rest of the EDS members?

    p.s.s. did you get a chance to look at the japanese bone massage? *sorry i’m so full of questions, and more projects* yes, i read that your esthetician does this for you. you’re so lucky! i had one here in toronto, canada , whom was originally trained in korea, and did this for me. now she has paused her career to raise her children. so now i do it for myself… which worked out better cuz i can do it all the time. however, the bone massage i have problems with.

    anyways, i’m really happy you got a chance to look at the tanaka, and i love your explanation above. thank you!

    k, i’m going to take a closer look around on ur site. i haven’t been here since i last/first posted.
    thanks a bunches! much love! lina (llina on EDS)

  23. sesame says:

    Hi Lina:

    I haven’t been much help but it’s great that Stephanie did a translation. That was really useful.

    It’s good to be able to do this every day because for my facial, I can only do this like once in two weeks at most. But honestly, I haven’t got a chance to try this technique yet cos I don’t have the time. I’m taking small steps like doing some massages around my eyes to rid the lines. Might give this a try but because of my facial, I don’t really see an urgent need yet.

    No, never got to meet the critic…got to see the Japanese bone massage thread but I think I prefer Tanaka’s cos it’s something I’m more familiar with.

    Actually Lina, I want to thank you for bringing this to my attention. It’s a very interesting technique and I wasn’t aware until I saw your comment. Plus, there were some girls who saw this here and then they tried and saw a difference. I saw their comments in another forum…so thank you again Lina!

    Come back often too. ?

  24. lina says:

    hi, i’m back!
    yes, i linked into stephanie’s site and thanked her and mr szu. such wonderful pple. they really do exist! and you too sesame. you promised something and you really did it! thank you, sesame.

    i’ve been looking around here. you should be really proud of yourself. you’re an inspiration, helping yourself, and helping others to help themselves. a strong passionate woman.

    i was never seriously interested in skincare, till a few years ago. age has caught up with me, btw i’m 39. and when i stumble into eds, it was like chain reaction cuz i stumble here. the eds forum really sucked me in. i’ve been on there for months and months reading, trying to catch up with all ‘know-how’… some good, some bad. now, i’m ready for a change of pace. so, you’ll be seeing me often! *big smile*

    while i’m writing, i’ll give you some personal feedback for the tanaka massage. i have found that it has helped with my skin complexion, making it brighter, more even tone, my skin looks and feels healthier. i had problems with capillaries breaking easily,just from extraction. i had to incorporate the tanaka slowly, over months, but now my skin is definitely more healthy. no more capillary breakages. with indicators like that i know my skin is healthier.. almost like the massage is helping blood flow, oxygentation, and repair. my girlfriend tried it and the very first time. she lost all the baggy saggy weight from her jaws. it was truly amazing! i got so excited about it that i have my mother and her friends doing it! they love it!

    why i love it, is that it is a bonus that everyone can incorporate into their skincare… on top of products, creams, serums, gadgets, and the rest. and its free! any gal has to love that! something free that actually works, and to boot natural! love it!

    *applause to sesame for all her hard work*
    bless you!

  25. sesame says:

    Hey Lina: thanks for sharing your experience. The results are amazing! Yes, the massage will increase the circulation and improve your complexion. I should try to do this sometime with a work break coming up. What oil/cream do you use to lubricate your face?

  26. lina says:

    i’m using an oil cleanser and do the massage during my cleansing routine. right now i’m using valmont magic falls and shiseido’s perfect oil. i think critic is using an obagi cleanser. i think some others are using the castor oil/essential oil combination that they use from OCM.

  27. sesame says:

    Oh, using an oil cleanser? That’s interesting! I’ve never thought of that. And it’s a good idea because you can just wash it off! Great, I’ll try this cos I use Muji cleansing oil. In fact, I thought it’s good to do some of the massages while washing our face and I was trying her cheek massages at one point.

  28. Ruth says:

    I’m 59 and have always had problem skin. My big concerns now are puffiness, a fat face (not overweight) and mostly broken capillaries. Will the massage reduce the redness?

  29. sesame says:

    Not sure about the redness as I don’t know what’s the cause but it should help reduce the puffiness. Some readers have reported an improvement in terms of their broken capillaries after trying this massage too.

  30. Corinne says:

    hello, it’s very interesting- i live in Australia, and was wondering if there are DVD i could purchase from here or from the internet..it’s a brilliant work– thank you for sharing this, i will use it and let you know of the results..light and gratitude, Grace

  31. sesame says:

    I’m not sure about the DVD but the information are available on the Net so why not start with those. I hope you’ll get some positive results after trying them.

  32. TEMPIE says:

    I’ve ended up searching all about for that info. Thankfully I discovered this at Msn.

  33. Anna says:

    Does anyone have an English version of Yukuko Tanaka’s book (or can get someone to translate it)? I’ve searched everywhere, but I can only find the book in Japanese.

    The book is probably a lot more detailed than the video and would probably have additional massage techniques, so I really want it!!! ?

  34. shima says:

    Im only 18 and i know i have no wrinkles or sagging but better start now then later.I also don’t have a pretty face. People say i look manly, but i found her video and tried it outfor about a 3 weeks.My whole face was lifted and i got compliments from people saying my face looked thinner. The contouring made my face look very nice and people started to see the difference and this boosted my self esteem. I was extremly happy and finally boys started talking to me. I looked even more younger, got a thinner face, and looked more feminine and brighter than ever in my life. Keep at it and you’ll see the difference.

  35. rima says:

    I have a problem. I do her massages before and it made me look great but than i stopped for about 5 months. My face went back looking ugly again. I tried again and it didnt look like the way i did when i started,but its giving me more acne. I have oily skin and i massage my face with mosturizer but i break out. The only thing its doing for me is clearing up acne scars. I did it for about one month and noe facial improvement. I still look ugly. Should i do the massages before or after taking a shower. I heard muscles loose when taking showers and i need it tight. I dont do it before i go to sleep because i break out. I also have a masculine looking face and i want to improve and look feminine too. Wat should i do?

  36. sesame says:

    Oh that sounds wonderful! I’m so glad you’re getting admirers because you tried this massage. I love this…I massage every day and it’s keeping me looking youthful too. ?

  37. sesame says:

    Don’t over massage your skin or it’ll cause oil production. I found it best to massage while washing my face. Because of the gel cleanser I use provides lubrication, so the massage is easy. But make sure your face is already clear of makeup before you massage or you’ll be massaging the dirt back into your skin.

    Do it once a day and see what happens.

  38. TAZMO says:

    Hi I want to ask what did she uesed in the video its like cram or something ?

  39. sesame says:

    Yes, she was using a cream. You can also use an oil.

  40. tatiyana says:

    hi am 28 and am happy with all the massages techniqes i have tried it all it gave me good results .one more thing i would like to know is i want a strong well toned jawlines that is from ear to chin if am not wrong can u suggest any technique and for the lines in the neck

  41. Agnieszka says:


    do you know how ofted do i have to do this massage? everyday? 3 times a week? what do you recommend me?

  42. sesame says:

    Daily – at least once a day or twice if you wish. I do this during my facial washes and so it’s not time consuming at all.

  43. Agnieszka says:

    thanks for the reply! ?

  44. Tammy says:

    Hi just wondering if you can assist?

    I have been doing the Tanaka Face Massage for approx 2-3 weeks and can see the benefits starting. In fact i though my face looked better just after the first massage. The problem i am having is that i am getting blind cyst like pimples on the sides of my forehad, temples, jawline, behind ears and neck. That sounds extreme i know but i have had 1 pimple in all of these areas which are not healing or going away easily, even with applying pimple cream which ususally works for me within a couple of days.
    HELP!! I dont want to stop doing the massage. Do you think this will subside by itself?
    Your thoughts would be really appreciated.


  45. Sesame says:

    Hmm…I think I’ve read that some ladies get pimples and I think it’s came as part of the massage. Perhaps you stop for a few days before continuing. What products (oil or cream) are you using to massage?

  46. matsu says:

    Hey! Umm i was planning to do this but i’ve acne skin. It’s not that bad. Can i try this? Also if i’m suitable, what face cream/oil massage should i use? And i’m just wondering if i do have to cleanse my face after this massage? Sorry for asking a lot of ques lol. Looking forward to your reply! ?

  47. Sesame says:

    Over massaging for some can bring on more breakouts, at least initially so something to be aware of. You can try while you’re cleansing so your cleansing gel will provide some lubrication and you do both – massage and cleansing – answers your question. ?

  48. matsu says:

    You know what, i’ve done that too initially lol. But a beauty consultant said it’s not good to do the massage during cleansing as it would cause the dirt + extra oil to be stored inside the skin, sorta. So that’s kinda freaked me out & didn’t dare to try since then. Although i don’t think there’s really make much any differences. What do you think? :

  49. Sesame says:

    Okay, I didn’t clarify. You should massage only after 2nd wash. For me, I usually double cleanse. First round, use a cleansing cream to remove dirt and second, use a cleansing gel to remove the reside from the cleansing cream. So during the second round of cleansing, it’s okay to massage. Or just massage during the mornings cos your face wouldn’t be too dirty when being washed.

  50. amy says:

    Hi I have many trubeel with my skin can you give me a good lotion can I use it thank you

  51. Namrata Mitra says:

    I am learning yukuko tanaka’s face massage which is really amazing. I want to know can I use coconut oil as massage oil ?(as it is cheap).
    If your answer is yes, then post massage, after how long should I rub the oil with soap?

  52. Sesame says:

    You can use coconut oil as long as it suits you. As for how long to rub with soap, I’m guessing you’re asking how long it takes to wash off? It should be as per normal. Once you massage the oil in, it should absorb quite easily and actually, if you apply and massage after a facial wash, you don’t have to wash it off.

  53. yelena says:

    Yes, I had pimples too. It is normal. The dirt has to come out somehow. It wil get better

  54. Paola says:

    Dear Sesame,
    I have been doing this massage for two months. Initially I noticed a big improvement in my skin tone and look. But now, it seems that the massage is making my face more saggy than ever. My NL folds seem to be more noticeble and I really look graunt plus a terrible tired look. I did the massage twice a day when I first started. Then, went to once a day, as I read that overdoing the massage can cause your face look flat and eventually graunt. I do not have so much fat on my face, so now that I see that my NL folds are more deep furrow, I am considering the idea of given up.
    What shall I do?

  55. Sesame says:

    Oh dear. Did you follow the entire massage? Was your massage too hard? I only use some of the steps and have no issues. I wonder what went wrong. I suggest you stop doing this and see what happens. I’m not sure if others have this problem.

  56. Zhihao says:

    I have spent a lot of time looking for info to soften my face, have tried facial acupressure but effects unimpressive. This message technique could immediately release tension in the forehead, cheekbone. As I have no oil with me, I used visualisation of energy flow and that works too. This message technique is partially known to the chinese qing dynasty Qian long emperor called “乾隆养生术”.

  57. Sesame says:

    Interesting Chinese name…didn’t know it has a bit of a royal origin.

  58. Kasia says:

    Hello Sesame! I woluld like to ask you about one issue – do you know, the tanaka’s book is available in english version? Unfortunatelly, I have searched it everywhere.. in suppose in whole website and I couldnt’t find it.. The book is probably a lot more detailed than the video and would probably have additional massage techniques.. I will be most grateful, ifyou answer me..In your opinion the tanaka’s massage is safe?
    Kasia last post is: Instant Results With KIN Kinessences Beauty Hair Treatment: Maximum Hydration, Natural Softness

  59. Sesame says:

    I’m not aware of the English version. Even the video is something done by a user. As for her methods, they’re pretty safe but don’t overdo it and you’ll be fine.

  60. amiee says:

    Ok. So I did the tanaka massage for a month and I realized in pictures. The right side of my face seems fatter and more defined where as thw left side is skinnier and more boney.. what did I do wrong? My face Is asymmetrical. Please help!

  61. Sesame says:

    I think it’s just the structure of your face…it’s quite common for us to have unbalance sides. I suggest you reduce the strength for the side where your face is boney. Also suggest you cut down on the massage. How many times do you do per day? Maximum once.

  62. Andrea says:

    My face is very thin. In fact I would love to make it fuller, as I have lost volume. will these massages make my face thinner?

  63. Sesame says:

    I think yes because this is a face contouring massage. You can customize your own massage such that you focus only on your problem areas.

  64. andrea says:

    thanks for responding so fast. can you recommend which parts of the Tanaka massage I should not do to avoid losing fat in the cheeks???

  65. Sesame says:

    I know from reading comments that some women did this massages and ended up with gaunt looking faces. I think to look guant, they probably have done a lot of massages on the side of the cheeks. So my suggestion is to ease up there. Personally, I do a simplified version of the massage – I follow the principles of the massage in front of the years down to the neck for the lymph node drainage, then I do the forehead massage, followed by eyes and mouth. I want my cheeks to be lifted up so I focus more effort there by pushing up the cheeks – straight up, sides up.

    If you follow most of her steps, maybe reduce your massage strength on the sides of your face so that you don’t push them in further. Alternatively, you might find facial exercises work better for you than massage. Google for them…there are quite a lot of videos out there to target problem areas.

  66. mila says:

    I have had a plastic surgery 3 years ago (lifting with a cheeks implants. Can I still do the massage? Does not this ruin the implants?

  67. Sesame says:

    It’s best you check with your plastic surgeon.

  68. Caity says:

    Hi Sesame, I use coconut oil for my Tanaka massage and it works wonderfully. Some people do oil cleansing where you massage oil into your face and after a few moments take a hot rag and lay it over the face, steaming the face. The oil is able to disintegrate the dirt in the pores and eventually shrink them dramatically. I read that the first week or so you may see more breakouts, but that is because of all the deep cleansing. After that, no more breakouts. Soap is known to clog the pores, and many do not go back to soap but stick with oil to cleanse the face. Coconut oil has many health benefits so I use it. Thanks for all of your information!
    I also read that as far as the eyes go, extremely light pressure is to be used under the eye due to the delicate skin. You just lightly run your finger under the eye for those movements in order to stimulate the lymph.

    This site is very roughly translated but it gave me some great info to add to the videos. I agree that a lot is lost watching the model do it herself. Watching Tanaka do it lets you see the necessity of the pressure points and is more accurate.

    Also, you Must be careful to be even when applying this massage. It is a Face Contouring massage and it is powerful. Move slowly and intentionally.

    Thank you!


  69. Maria says:

    I’m 55 years old and I’m doing this massage for two years now but not really everyday , and it’s really effective, people who don’t k ow my age thinks I’m only 30’s.. And I use Ponds anti aging cream in massaging ..

  70. Bor says:

    Hi Maria, how long have you been doing your massage? Months, years????? Are you still doing it? Thanks

  71. Susanne says:

    Hi Sesame and Caity

    I (50 y.) am also using organic coconut oil with the Tanaka massage and have excellent results.
    Like Caity, i do not use soap in my face, only water and coconut oil to clean my face and it works perfectly well.
    Thanks to this webpage, I got interested in the Tanaka massage and practice it now (since June 2015) EVERY evening and sometimes in between e.g. before going out.

    First, I thought I look more gaunt but now after over a year the effect is undeniable and my face it is fuller and softer looking. Though I had never skin problems or large pores, the Tanaka massage made my skin also look more radiant. It seems that it helped to stop and even reverse some sagging as well as the formation of lines and a deepening of my naso labial fold.

    My niece (35 y.) is also exciting about the massage and integrated it into her daily routine.

    Many thanks to Sesame for spreading the information.


  72. Ana says:

    Can you please show a before/after photo?

  73. Iza says:

    Can I use face wash for massaging?

  74. Sesame says:

    Yes, I massage while washing my face…but only on the 2nd cleanse, after I’ve removed the makeup and dirt.

  75. proxy list says:

    What’s up,I log on to your blog named “Yukuko Tanaka Face Contouring And Anti-Aging Massage” regularly.Your story-telling style is awesome, keep it up! And you can look our website about proxy list.

  76. Laura says:

    Will this help with assymetrical face ?

  77. carla says:

    hi sasame, thankyou for your help, i need kown if It is correct to use nivea cream for the massage. Greetings from Colombia

  78. Sesame says:

    You can…if it doesn’t breakout on your face.

  79. carla says:

    hi Sasame, thank you. then, What cream do you recommend me for my face?. At this moment I am practicing the body massage of yukuko tanaka. Do you think it is good to eliminate fat?
    thank you Sasame.

  80. Susanne says:

    Hi Laura
    I am doing the Tanaka massage now for over two years every day (it is important to do it daily) and the positive effect is undeniable. Whenever I meet friends and relatives after a long time – I live abroad- often tell me they cannot believe that I am now 52 and looking not a bit older than years ago.
    It is a powerful massage so when you try to correct an asymmetry in the face it might actually work depending on the part of the face you are focusing on. E.g. In my case I integrated another face excercise technique in my Tanaka routine to correct the shape of my mouth and it worked. My lips became fuller and the mouth more symmetric. It is a tip I got from a video by Dr. Serene https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KaML3b9EiNc

    All the best,


  81. Verónica says:

    Hi, I’ve benn doing this face massage for two years now and I love it… and it’s true, you get a younger look, your face rejuveneits. I recommend it to everyone. I do first a 3 minute facial yoga massage and then this one, so it only takes about 8 minutes in total and the results are very good. I do it as part of my daily routine, once a day, in the mornig after I clean my face and I put some cream on it. I only use organic cosmetics (but elaborated, high quality), this helps to improve the condition of your skin also in the long run, and you’ll notice it too.

  82. Priya nenwani says:

    Hi sesame! Which oil I can use for this massage although I have oily skin

  83. Sesame says:

    Jojoba oil or sweet almond oil?

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