Bedroom slippers to keep feet warm & soft

I started using bedroom slippers after I issued the Viva Challenge on wearing your socks to bed. In the post, I had mentioned that Traditional Chinese Medicine suggest that when the feet get cold, it affects the upper respiratory system and impairs the body resistance and this may in turn leads to common cold, upper respiratory infection, abdominal pain and painful period, even cardiovascular diseases. Hence, I decided to wear bedroom slippers to try promote better body resistance by keeping the feet warm and protecting the body from the attack of external cold.

Wearing bedroom slippers can also help prevent callus formation on the feet. Calluses are thickened, dead tissue involving the outer layer of the skin and the primary cause of their formation, is excessive pressure due to the underlying bone. While bedroom slippers may not have the thick cushion sole like shoes to absorb the abnormal pressure, they will still help to keep the feet softer especially if you regularly file them and moisturize them well.

You can get padded bedroom slippers that offer more cushion. Those stuffed animal bedroom slippers are quite useful actually. I have a pair but I don’t use them all the time because they can get a little warm on some days. So my preference is for simple, no frills bedroom slippers.

Do you have a habit of wearing bedroom slippers?


  1. florence says:

    I have this habit for many years, if I don’t wear, I feel uncomfortable.My slippers is usually from my hubby, when he outstation, he will bring back from hotel…keke.And so I have lots at home coz he a frequent flyer ?

  2. fwy says:

    I do not have air-conditioning in my bedroom. Guess it is quite alright for me not to wear bedroom slippers.

  3. ann says:

    Yup, I do. I don’t wear them around the house all the time but I’ll definitely make sure that they’re by my bedside when I go to sleep. The floor gets cold with the aircon so they really help to keep the feet snugly and warm.

    I tried the socks thing but gave up after two week. My sensitive skin got itchy around the tight portion where the socks were hold up. =(

  4. jo says:

    i wear slippers at home, all the time. It is a family tradition. anyway, my family said that the floor is cold so slippers protect our feet.

  5. Rinka says:

    when im back with my family in japan i wear slippers all the time because its just the culture (plus they have polished wooden floors which are freeeezing in winter!) but i dont usually overseas.

    however after reading your entry on the chinese medicine about cold feet, i have been giving myself foot baths every day and i havent been sick this whole winter ?

  6. sesame says:

    Hotel slippers are very comfortable. I like those too.

  7. sesame says:

    It’s a personal preference of course…but the basic bedroom slippers are quite comfortable even if the floor isn’t cold.

  8. sesame says:

    I guess if you start from young, it becomes a habit…a good one I must say.

  9. sesame says:

    Oh that’s wonderful to know! TCM places a lot of importance on the feet and I’ve been trying to take good care of them too.

  10. yay says:

    i used to wear them… i never get use to it… after awhile it seem much easier w/out..

  11. jo says:

    heehee…i dun like to wear slippers since young..anyway,i started my habit long ago….i find it comfortable to walk with slippers rather than barefooted.

  12. sesame says:

    Yeah, there’s the additional effort to get into them initially.

  13. sesame says:

    So you’re wearing bedroom slippers? It definitely needs getting used to and once you’re, then it’s strange to not wear them. The feel of the cold floor becomes a little uncomfortable too.

  14. chantana says:

    I wear sock to sleep and around the room!

    Cos I like my feet to be warm.. make me feel more comfortable.

  15. chantana says:

    Ann… you can try those socks without elastic… I always wear those to sleep, cos it more comfortable and warm.

  16. sesame says:

    Ah I don’t like the elastic. Where do you get socks without them? I find them quite tight. But I try to wear them to sleep after moisturizing. A bit different to walk with them though cos they’re quite slippery.

  17. Jyoan says:

    I think bedroom slippers are really good too! I feel so much warmer with them on.

    According to some friends from China, they all have the habit of wearing socks, as they believe that the cold floor in their homes in cooler China will give them rhuematism in old age.

  18. sesame says:

    I believe it’s true. Those staying in colder climates need to protect their feet better. Even for us, it’ll do us some good.

  19. sunny says:

    I think a pair of socks is a mut have to keep feet warm.

  20. sesame says:

    They’re definitely good to wear to sleep.

  21. Monca says:

    I usually use chocolate .. and cream my feet with a sweet and bitter one. That gives the skin the needful soft- and sweetness .. my feet need now. May be .. that sounds a bit spoiled, but that is my feet ?

  22. sesame says:

    Wow, that sounds luxurious and really pampering! ?

  23. poohz says:

    Those airline socks are without elastic and are really comfy for sleep. I use them after slathering body cream on my feet.

  24. sesame says:

    Oh I can’t remember if they’re without elastic but yeah, now that you said it, I recall they’re comfortable.

  25. Lianne says:

    I always wear slippers. I done like wearing shoes or socks in the house so I wear my comfy slippers. It’s a family tradition that we exhange our shoes for slippers when we get home.

  26. sesame says:

    That’s a nice family tradition. ?

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