HABA Moist White Beauty Drink Review & A Giveaway

Some of you may recall that I gave a very glowing review on HABA Moist White Beauty. I mentioned how I had experienced instantaneous effects, waking up to visibly firmer and bouncy looking skin on my face when I drank a bottle of this. Well, since then, I’ve drank 30 bottles and if you read on, you’ll get my final verdict on the product plus how you can get to sample this collagen drink and also possibly win yourself a box of them.

If you’ve missed my last post about HABA, then you may not know that HABA is a leading Japanese brand that advocate the Mutenka philosophy and offers a wide range of skincare products, beauty supplements and makeup items that are additive-free.

Award-winning collagen drink
HABA carries a few types of beauty supplements but Moist White Beauty, a 2-in-1 beauty drink that can replenish collagen levels and whiten skin at the same time is their bestseller. It has also just won the Best Beauty Supplement award at Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame 2014.

Powerful whitening and anti-aging properties
What’s unique about this collagen drink is that it contains Haskap (blueberry honeysuckle) found only in Hokkaido, which is known as the “longevity fruit” among the indigenous Ainu people and has long been coveted for its powerful whitening and anti-aging properties. Each bottle also contains 3000mg of collagen, which is the maximum amount our body can absorb daily and the entire content is just 21 calories. Besides Haskap and collagen, this product contains ceramide to lock in your skin’s moisture and L-cysteine to reveal translucent skin that glows with health.

Ingredient list
Juice (Grape, Haskap Hokkado, Collagen, Peptide, Erythritol, Reduced Malt Sugar Syrup, Beet Extract Containing Ceramide, Acidifier, Stabilizer (Polysaccharide Thickener), Flavor, Cystine, Sweetener (Aseculfame Potassium, Sucralose), Syclodextrin (Contains: Soy, Gelatin)

HABA Most-White-Beauty
Taste and temperature
HABA Moist White Beauty can be drank cold or at room temperature. I love the taste although I’ll also say it’s very sweet because it contains both malt sugar syrup (reduced) and sweetner. Still, I look forward to drinking this every night. I keep the bottles in the fridge but I usually remove one and leave it out in the open, consuming it about 15 to 30 minutes later when it’s not as cold.

Best drank daily
This collagen drink can be drank daily and I understand that they are better consumed continuously for a period of 30 days. After that period, you can continue to drink a bottle daily or on alternate days if you want to save some cost. So having drank the HABA Moist White Beauty for 30 days, did it make my skin all plump up and translucent?

Skin looking clearer
Well, unlike the first time, I don’t seem to get that WOW factor this time around. My skin didn’t look more plumped up than when I was taking the AFC collagen supplement. But I did notice that my face is looking clearer although I’m not entirely sure if it’s due to drinking HABA Moist White Beauty or it’s due to topical application of products.

Sample Moist White Beauty at HABA Collagen Beauty Bar
I don’t mind drinking this though but the cost of a box of 10 bottles is S$49, which is much more expensive than my AFC supplement. In addition, this collagen drink is only available at HABA stores and hence, I pretty much can’t get it off the pharmacies as and when I like. (Correction: was informed they offer it for sale online with free delivery in Singapore!) But if you’re in the market for a collagen drink or your regular supply of collagen drink from other brands is no longer available, you might want to give this a shot. In fact, HABA will be giving out free collagen and placenta mocktails from a pop-up bar in BHG Bugis on July 12 and 13, where guests will be served by cute maids and dashing butlers. So you may want to head down to sample the drink. Aside from the free mocktails, HABA will also have makeup artists on site to provide free makeovers with HABA’s mineral makeup. You can get to participate in other fun activities and also a chance to win HABA beauty supplements.

5 boxes of HABA Moist White Beauty For 5 winners
But if you’re not free to head down to Bugis next week, you can still get hold of the HABA Moist White Beauty. How? Just participate in this Viva Woman/HABA giveaway, where 5 of you will each receive a box containing 10 bottles of HABA Moist White Beauty. To participate, follow these 2 steps:
1. Tell me why you want to try the HABA Moist White Beauty.
2. Be a fan of the HABA Facebook Page.
(Remember to include your Facebook name in your answer to #1.)

Example of a valid entry:
I want to win HABA Moist White Beauty because I want my skin to be firmer and fairer. Btw, I’m a fan of the HABA Facebook Page and my Facebook name is JiaJia.

This giveaway is open to all readers with a local Singapore address. It will close next Tuesday, 8 July 2014 and the 5 winners will be picked and announced on the Viva Woman Facebook Page. So want to get your hands on HABA Moist White Beauty? Then enter right away!


  1. Charlotte says:

    I want to win HABA Moist White Beauty because I want to look younger and revitalise my skin without worrying about weight gain. Btw, I’m a fan of the HABA Facebook Page and my Facebook name is Charlotte Ng.

  2. Fary says:

    How do we get our hands on this if we live in Canada? ?

  3. Corinna Foong says:

    I want to win HABA Moist White Beauty because the force of gravity is winning and I want to firm up my face and erase all the wrinkles so that I can look younger without worrying about gaining weight!. Btw, I’m a fan of the HABA Facebook Page and my Facebook name is Corinna Foong.

  4. Koreen Hong says:

    I want to win HABA Moist White Beauty because I want to wake up every morning looking good and fresh with glowing and firming skin!! Age is catching up, need some good booster from HABA Moist white beauty!!
    Btw, I’m a fan of the HABA Facebook Page and my Facebook name is Koreen Hong.

  5. Eco Beauty says:

    This isn’t a contest entry. Just sharing my thoughts ?

    I’ve tried about 40 bottles and I’ve got 2 boxes left. My skin didn’t get any plumper or fairer but I feel it looks slightly healthier. I’m not really sure coz it might also be due to new products I’m testing. I love the taste especially when it’s super cold ?

    I used to drink this at night but recently switched to first thing in the morning to see whether it makes any difference. I still want to continue drinking, though, due to convenience. Thin Skin + Lack of glow/pigmentations are my two biggest concerns and this product claims to address both.

    Btw, they have an online store ?

  6. Sesame Chew says:

    I think the closest is from US? Not too sure. I don’t think HABA is available in Canada but the US store might ship to Canada?

  7. Sesame Chew says:

    I like the taste, don’t mind continuing with it for maintenance but probably jumping ship only because I want to try something new. ?

    Oh ya, I completely forgot about their online store and was just reminded too.

  8. Juliana Sng says:

    I want to win HABA Moist White Beauty because I have freckles and this will supposedly help lighten them. I will love to have translucent skin that glows too!

    I’m a fan of the HABA Facebook Page and my Facebook name is Juliana Sng.

  9. Tjhin Debora says:

    Hi Sesame,

    Thanks for the review! ?

    After reading your review, I would like to try HABA desperately. I strongly believe that collagen is good for our skin despite of our age, no matter how young or old age, our skin needs collagen in order to enhance our skin from inside out, not only applying topical cream.

    I used to drink collagen drink (from the brand that already unavailable in Singapore) . Come to my surprise, now with HABA, I can just take 1 bottle to have white+firm skin! (while previously need to take 1 bottle for whiter skin and another bottle for firm skin). Which is good news to me, means cutting cost ($ and time) of my beauty supplement drink regime ?

    Ultimately, I really love to have plumpier and healthy skin which easier to apply make up in the morning.

    my FB name: Tjhin Debora

  10. Kaiping Chea says:

    Hi Sesame, I would like to try the HABA Moist White Beauty drink to see if it helps with achieving radiant skin and clearing up my blemish marks. I’ve been taking the AFC supplements and I think it helps with keeping my skin firmer as compared to my friends and I also introduced some of them to take the AFC supplement and it helps with strengthening their joints and nails too. Since this HABA collagen is in a form of drink, I thought it might work better than pills because our body system can absorb it right away, and can observe results earlier. Thank you for your thoughts about the product and will continue to support you!

    I’m also a fan of HABA Singapore ?

    Fb name Kaiping Chea

  11. Poh says:

    I would like to win the HABA Moist White Beauty Drink to regain supple, radiant and youthful looking skin. My face looks dull and tired easily so this drink would be a great perk me up! I used to take collagen pills from another brand so I would like to try this drink to see how effective it really is.

    I am already a HABA FB fan and my FB name is Poh Poh.

  12. PQ says:

    hihi! I used to stand by my belief in what I study – that collagen are made by ourselves, not absorbed. But recently I have been backing from my belief – tempted into trying collagen products! #k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxkb (shan’t say what I have been trying…) So I am interested to try out HABA Moist White Beauty Drink! lol!
    My FB name is EZ Peiqing Chua

  13. Michelle says:

    Hi Sesame,
    I’m in my 40s like you and believe that beauty starts from within – healthy eating & lifestyle. I’d like to try out Haba Moist White Beauty drink to experience natural healing of the skin. My Facebook name is Michelle Hui. Thank you.

  14. Sharon kong says:

    I want to win the haba moist white beauty drinks because of its skin benefits. Also loving its taste! Having tried others, this is more affordable. If it works out, I can be certain to buy it regularly. My Facebook name is Sharon kong and a fan of HABA. Thank you;)

  15. heather says:

    I would like to try HABA Moist White Beauty because I wanna achieve better complexion for my skin. I used to take collagen drinks from other brands but i have not tried it from HABA. Imagine I would be able to wake up with glowy skin without the need to put on any makeup all thanks to HABA Moist White Beauty!

    I’m a fan of the HABA Facebook Page and my Facebook name is Puppeteer’s doll

  16. WendyLee says:

    I want to win HABA Moist White Beauty because I want to achieve fairer, supple and firmer youthful-looking skin which allows me to have more confident to face challenges everyday. I love to see and touch my skin more every morning I woke up. Btw, I’m a fan of the HABA Facebook Page and my Facebook name is Wendy Lee.

  17. Esmeralda Larios says:

    I want to win HABA Moist White Beauty because I want firmer & fairer skin. I am a religious sunscreen user who is about to turn 40. As a child I got many sunburns, so as an adult I am dealing with freckles, sunspots and loss of firmness. I do everything I can to improve my skin and would love to see if this can help with my skin issues.

    I am a HABA FB fan and my FB user name is Esmeralda Bravo Larios. : )

    Crossing my fingers!!!

  18. Jing rui says:

    Hello sesame, I really want to win HABA Moist White Beauty because I really want good skin. I’ve had eczema since birth and though I am better now, I think my skin would really benefit from collagen to improve with its firmness and overall health! I hope that one day my skin will be blemish free and smooth. I am a fan of HABA on Facebook too! Thank you!

  19. Min says:

    Hi Sesame, thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

    I want to win HABA Moist White Beauty because I have heard so many great stuff about HABA collagen drink. I hope to see the wonders it can do to my skin. I’m a fan of the HABA Facebook Page and my Facebook name is Minh Chua.

  20. Esther says:

    Hi Sesame,
    I want to win HABA Moist White Beauty because I am still amazed when I read about how you experienced instantaneous effects of waking up to visibly firmer and bouncy looking skin when you first drank a bottle of this. I hope I can experience this wow factor on my first try too, and put my skin on the right track to achieve some improvements in firmness, fairness and clarity.
    I’m a fan of the HABA Facebook Page and my Facebook name is Esther Yuen.

  21. vernon says:

    I am interested to purchase the HABA collegen drink from singapore , n currently i am from Malaysia in kuala lumpur. please advice how to go about/


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