How To Keep Cosmetic Products Almost As Good As New

Dust cloth to keep cosmetic containers clean
Being a beauty blogger means that I have more cosmetic products than the average woman. The thing is, not all my products are kept away in drawers; many of them are left collecting dust on my vanity top. Tidying and cleaning them are always unpleasant tasks for me.

Unfortunately, dust on the bottle or container isn’t a good idea since it can easily contaminate the products. So I try my best to clean up those that are frequently use to keep the bottles and jars dust-free but even that is quite a chore. I mean, have you tried wiping down dust with a wet cloth? The result is never a pretty picture.

But things took a turn for the better when I discovered microfiber dust cloth. They make wiping dusty bottles and containers such a breeze! Suddenly, my cosmetic products are looking picture perfect again!

Dust cloth used wet or dry
bottle full of dust
Dirty dust cloth
Bottle free of dust after wiping
See the amount of dust on the blue bottle? After one wipe using a dust cloth, the dust are all gone and the product looks almost brand new.

What I also like about Microfiber dust cloth is that they are readily available and can be used wet or dry.

Dehumidifier to prolong cosmetics shelf life
Moving along but still on the topic of upkeeping my cosmetic products, I want to share how I keep moisture from building up in my skincare products to avoid spoilage or degradation.

I used to use silica gel until I discovered these dehumidifying sheets from Daiso. Just place them in the drawers together with the cosmetic products and they’ll help you trap the excess moisture. For S$2, they are truly a godsend to preserving my skincare products and prolonging their shelf life! The best part? The sheets are reusable. All you need is to sun them.

How to keep cosmetic products almost as good as new
So these are my tips to keep my cosmetic products last better and longer. How do you upkeep your cosmetic products to maintain their cleanliness? Do you use such dehumidifier sheets especially when it comes to skin care products?


  1. Kay says:

    Wow! I will definitely get the dehumidifier sheets when I’m free to put it in my drawers!

    I keep my unused skincare in an enclosed box and the skincare I’m using in a bag organizer so it’s easier for me to carry around my place if I decide to put my skincare at different places. Once a week I will wipe down my bottles and tubes to keep them clean.

    For skincare I don’t use often I’ll place them in my dresser drawer where dust doesn’t settle there easily and it’s easy to reach for ?

  2. Terry Nisbet says:

    Where can I purchase the dehumidifying sheets. I live in Kentucky.

  3. Sesame says:

    Could you look up online? If there is somewhere in your town that sells Japanese goods, you may be able to find them too.

  4. Taiss says:

    I love the dehumidifier sheets idea! I never thought of putting in my drawers to protect my products! It’s too bad that I’ve thrown out stuff and such a waste of money when you can keep them longer with just $2!
    Taiss last post is: How To Get The Most Out Of Epilating

  5. Sesame says:

    Yes, give it a try. I love how it helps preserve my products and keep them lasting longer.

  6. Alicia says:

    These micro fiber dust cloth is really a awesome product to keep your cosmetics clean and dust-free. I would love to use them.

  7. Tahajafery says:

    This keeps dust away is the brilient product to remove dust and clean it. I like your post, thank for share this article.

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