Some whitening creams can harm you

Sure most of us want to be fair maidens.  That’s why there’s an active market for whitening beauty products.  Many of such products even guarantee to whiten our skin in a short period of time.  But in the quest for whiter skin, are we subjecting ourselves to unknown dangers by using products that contain harmful steroids?

For example, some face creams use an ingredient called hydroquinone, which is the biological equivalent of paint stripper.  While it will give you a brighter face almost immediately because it works by removing the top layer of skin, it will also increase the risk of skin cancer because as the body’s natural defence against infection and the sun is lost. 

Worst, you may develop headaches, nausea and convulsions if the chemical enters your bloodstream.  Many customers who used such products have even suffered from permanent scarring.  But these are nothing compared to possible fatal liver and kidney damages.

So please ladies, do not fall for products that guarantee you results.  Read the labels carefully.  In fact, I would encourage you to speak to a dermatologist who is in the best position to advise you.


  1. jasmin says:

    Wow, that sounds scary. Do you mean Kose use hydroquinone for their products too? I eventually want to try the white mask for deep cleansing. But I am not sure now.

    Jasmin:  You gotta check their ingredients but I doubt established brands like Kose uses that.   If there are problems with their products, it would have been highlighted. 

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