Buying Burt’s Bees in Singapore

Happiness!  Just learn that I can get Burt’s Bees products in Singapore through Whoopeekiddies.  All thanks to Doris of who is an avid advocate of organic and natural food and products. 

I’ve been eyeing their world famous Beewax Lip Balm made from start natural beeswax, softening nut butters and healing botanicals and Whoopeekiddies is offering it at S$6!  Also available is Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer made from natural ingredients like vitamin E, coconut and sunflower oils with 11 yummy shades at S$8 each.  And they also stock Burt’s Bees Hand Salve, which is an intensive hand treatment with ingredients such as almond oil, rosemary and lavandin at S$16. 

Okay, maybe their website isn’t exactly art but their prices are definitely quite a steal compared to buying it from other online resources!  Plus no shipping charges!  Whoo hoo!

The best part is apart from Burt’s Bees earth-friendly and natural personal care products, Whoopeekiddies also offer products from Badger Balm, another line of natural botannical, chemical-free body care range.

I’m going to make my order soon!


  1. eyong says:

    hi! you can get burt’s bees products at people’s park complex in chinatown…there’s a shop on the 3rd floor that has a display with its stuff there…can’t remember the name though. not sure if it’s cheaper compared to your website but usually stuff from people’s park is pretty cheap. and they have interesting clothes there as well!

    eyong: Is that so? Wow, that’s great! I haven’t been to that part of town for so long so now I have good reasons to visit. Thanks a lot for sharing this info! ?

  2. doris says:

    Hi Sesame… Whoopee is having a sale on burt’s bees til 31 March – website is said to be ready by tomoro – check it out ya.

    Doris: Thanks! Will check it out. Actually, I went down to People’s Park to get some the stuff today!

  3. ting says:

    i am currently using the hand salve.Frankly speaking i am a little disappointed with the product despite the hype. It is like applying lip balm on your hands, without the boutique lookin tin lid, seroiusly it looks like our chinese’s tiger balm.And because of the very strong smell of rosemary and chamomile, it smells like tiger balm or axe oil also.However i do believe the the ingredients despite the smell are really good as (almond oil)moisturisers and prevent scaring(vit E).If you have migraine, maybe you will like rosemary’s healing propreties for that(in the form of smell that is).

    ting: I wasn’t recommended the hand salve. I was told not everyone likes it so I get a good idea of what it must be like. But lip balm on hands, hey, no way for me too.

  4. Huda says:


    Thnx for posting this up! Was looking for Burt’s Bees products as well and I’m very glad I stumbled upon ur site!=)

    So have you gone to the shop at People’s Park? Any items to recommend?Thanks!;p

    Huda: Yes, I went a couple of times but have stopped going this year though. I suggest you talk to the owner and ask for recommendation. He’s very knowledgeable and can give you pretty good information. But you might also want to read up a bit about BB’s products on their website before heading down. My fave products are their lip balms!

  5. Wentworth miller's lover! says:

    Hey glad i found your site!!! I’ve been searching high and low for burt’s bees! Not only cos my favorite person – wentworth miller of prison break – uses it, hehe, but also cos i have dry lips and was recommended this! So thanks!

  6. Beatrice says:

    Hi..what’s the name of the shop where you bought your burts bees? i really love it and was scared it might run out.. but now, knowing its available in sooo delighted. thanks so much

  7. sesame says:

    You can get it at Sephora now (Taka & ION) as well as in Chinatown. I recently featured the shop again here:

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