Hip maternity b-buckles

Did Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Robert and Tori Spelling wear their designer jeans while they were pregnant?  Why yes.  They did so with b-buckles, the hippest new maternity accessory which let women wear their non-maternity jeans from the beginning of their pregnancy until after baby.

Available in fabulous colours and designs, these hip & cool b-buckles are a great post-partum item which are inexpensive and very easy to use.  Just just wrap around your belt loops, snap and go.  No more ugly maternity jeans!  The best part is they can be worn after the tummy is gone as well!

And you know what?  Shipping is available internationally.  Yay for the mummies-to-be!


  1. domestic rat says:

    Can hold waistband together but means still cannot zip up?

    DR: If you watch the video, can zip up but not all the way so the belt helps. Of course, if the butt grow too big, then the jeans also cannot fit lah. Haha…

  2. msfairface says:

    DR, i think it might be more feasible for a button-up fly instead of zip. And also, probably jeans with belt-hook (can’t find a word to describe it) to hold the waistband.

    I think this is a good way to still wear your pre-pregnancy clothes and still look good!

    msfairface: Seriously I think this works for those mums-to-be who do not put on too much weight. You know those ladies whom you can’t quite tell if they’re pregnant from the back?

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