Unique handcrafted jewelries

If you’re looking for unique, one-of-a-kind vintage jewelries, you might want to check out ArtisansMarket.com, a website selling unique handcrafted art and gifts by independent artisans.  Or better still, if you’re an artist with interesting creative pieces, you should try to expand your market using this website.

I’ve emailed my friend San, who creates her own jewelries that she can place her pieces on their online consignment shops.  That way, she can try to expand her reach while she’s currently building up her portfolio and website.  Of course ArtisansMarket.com will charge her a fee which is 20% of her sale, but she can potentially gain lots more customers.

What’s interesting is that this website is not only for artisans selling jewelries, but there’s even a section on hand made bath and body products.  Very cool.


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    Thanks for the tip!

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