Zia Fresh Papaya Enzyme Peel

I was introduced to Zia Fresh Papaya Enzyme Mask about three months ago. It came highly recommended. And I was really looking forward to some positive radiance and glow after using this mask but sad to say, it didn’t agree with my skin.

The first time I used it, nothing happened. Eager for the results, I applied it a few days later and I had a few bumps on both my cheeks the next day. So I thought it could be because I’ve used it too soon and decided to stick to only once a week. Subsequent weeks were less consistent in the outcome. Some weeks I had bumps but some weeks I had none. But nonetheless, I continued using the product week after week.

Today, I finally decided to stop using it altogether. Why? Because I had a minor breakout on my right cheek, a day after using this mask. In fact, I half suspect that this mask might be the culprit for my enlarged pores of late. Something which I’ve grown increasingly concerned about.

Funny this fresh papaya enzyme mask is suppose to contain nutrient-rich green papaya to gently perfect skin’s surface, dissolving dead skin cells and loosening pore blockage. But I’m not benefitting from it at all. In addition, it is supposed to have antioxidants and hydrating honey to help nourish and repair for the softest, silkiest skin possible. Yet, after many usage, I didn’t see a difference. Maybe a tinge of softness immediately after, but nothing else outstanding.

This is rather disappointing as I had thought natural products would do my skin good. Looks like not all. Maybe not papaya enzyme in particular. I really should have known better than to buy this stuff and use it on my face becase I really hate papayas! As a matter of fact, this product smells quite horrible.

So there goes S$46 down the drain. Maybe to contain the wastage, I can try this mask on my hands and feet instead. Who knows? They could look better than my face in weeks.

Update on Jan ’08:  After switching over to mineral makeup, using this peel doesn’t give me anymore breakouts.  It softens my skin alright but nothing very exceptional.  However, I’m increasing the rating from 0 to 2.5 though. 


  1. domestic rat says:

    Not sure how much of this is true but some brands of natural skincare often quote that in the initial period, we might expect some form of breakout as it’s the skin’s natural way to purge the toxins from our skin. Then again, after one breakout, I never go back since the breakout makes me too ugly.

    DR: I had thought so too. But after so many weeks??? I read other reviews and those who liked this said it took them about 5 weeks to see the difference. But I’ve tried for longer than that and still getting breakouts… ?

  2. msfairface says:

    i am surprised this papaya mask did nothing much as I always thought papaya skincare products are really good exfoliants! I heard they are really popular with Filipinos who always stock up on their papaya soap from Lucky Plaza and my colleague who flew to Manila frequently swears by it. She used to have really bad skin previously but after using that soap, it is now almost flawless.

    msff: It’s probably only this product or it’s my skin though I have to say my skin can take many different products without much problems usually. But the smell, ahhh…

  3. Saryn says:

    Hmm…I read before that not every skincare product made of natural stuff is necessarily good for our skin. Some could be quite potential irritants. Maybe it’s some other ingredient in this mask rather than the papaya that is not working. We all have our trials and tribulations of products that dash our hopes away along with our $$$.

    Saryn: Yeh, could be some other ingredients in there. Not sure either…but I’ll use this on my neck and hands.

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