Koda Kumi Kose Visee CM

See the stunning effects of Kose Visee on sexy Koda Kumi as she sparkles in the Kose Visee CM on Veoh here.  

Kose Visee is a line of glamorous makeup that comes in an array of colours, including eye color, mascara, rouge, lip gloss, lipstick and nail polish great for those clubbing nights.  Visee Eye Visualiser for example, is created for ladies who want a sharper, brighter and more colourful eye makeup effect while Visee Psychedelic Lip Gloss is for ladies who yearn for lustrous looking glossy lips. 

Totally for those into dramatic effects, and who aspire to look as sexy as Koda Kumi.


  1. Tine says:

    I quite like Kose Visee products. I particularly like their eyeliners, and the price is pretty mid-range too.

    Tine: Good taste! They’re very pretty colors!

  2. Tracy says:

    thought you might like to check out :-

    https://www.baghaus.com/ (apparently inspired designs not imitations ?

    Tracy: Hey, thanks for the links. Looks interesting! Might feature here if I find something suitable.

  3. Raby says:

    anybody knows what color of lipstick Kuu is using..it’s like pale pink or something, she use it everytime, especially in her concert…there’s no Visee store here, too bad…

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