Say no to fake luxury goods

If you like branded bags and watches but can’t quite afford one, please do not go buying the fakes.  This is not only a matter of image, but more importantly, by buying fake luxury goods, we could unknowingly be funding organised crimes.

As extracted from Is buying fake a faux pas?

A new study finds consumers are spending more on counterfeit goods because it seems to have become socially acceptable. But the research by intellectual property law firm Davenport Lyons found almost 80 percent of consumers would be deterred if they knew sales partially helped to fund criminal activity, including terrorism.

So if you’re thinking of buying a fake Gucci bag or Louis Vuiton purse, do think again. You could unwittingly be financing the next suicide bombing.  Say no to fakes.

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  1. 763092 says:

    That’s something new and interesting to me. I never buy fakes. Not even pirated discs. I believe we’ve to respect the designers’ effort in making the bags etc with the materials, cutting etc… Fakes are so no-no.

    763092: It’s morally wrong in that sense. I don’t buy fakes, not VCDs too but I do watch them sometimes…but with this message, I’m definitely going to think twice even just giving passive support like that.

  2. ParisB says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. Don’t do fakes – doing knockoffs from other brands are ok but not fakes

    ParisB: Yup, knockoffs still acceptable but no fakes. My personal take is if we can’t afford it, don’t carry it.

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