Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion

Burt's Bees Radiance Body LotionBurt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion is one of the newer offerings from the good people at Burt’s Bees.   

This is supposed to be a shimmering body lotion and yet I’m using this mostly in the night. I guess I will only start to use it in the day once I’m done with my L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Shimmering Lotion. But I don’t think it matter so much because I bought it to enjoy the radiance benefits, not so much for the shimmering effects.

The lotion is specially formulated with Royal Jelly to enhance skin radiance and contains sunflower oil to moisturize and mica to enhance skin’s natural glow. I like the texture, which is not too rich, yet it feels sufficiently nourishing to the skin. Because it isn’t that creamy, it is easy to apply and doesn’t leave a sticky film on the skin.  And while it is said that we can apply it on our face, I strictly use it on my neck, arms and sometimes legs.  Frankly, I’m not keen to have my face looking all that shiny either.

The 177ml tube cost S$18 from whoopeekiddies.com, which is really reasonable because it’s made of natural goodness.  I only wish it smells better because the scent, probably from the sunflower oil, is quite strong and not something that I take to that well.  But otherwise I’m very happy using this product on a long term basis.


  1. doris says:

    Just when I am looking at buying a new moisturizer… is this the best you have tried at Burts Bees? I wanted to order some stuff from Whoopee during my last trip but was just so busy that I didn’t find time to buy online. The thing I like abt BB products is that they are affordable and most importantly, they are free from those harsh chemicals. Only thing is I find the scent a little strong for some of them such as the buttermilk lotion and the aloe buttermilk one.

    Doris: I haven’t tried any other body lotion at Burt’s Bees so I cannot tell if this is the best. I bought it because it contains Royal Jelly and that stuff is quite beneficial for the skin I thought. I like the fact that it isn’t sticky or too rich but I don’t like the smell…

    Oh, I have to say I was a little annoyed with whoopee during my last order. I ordered shampoo for my son and when the packaged arrived, half was spilled into the envelope. Lucky the other products were properly sealed and I could wash the shampoo off. I complained of course but they quickly compensated with a replacement. So while I was really annoyed, I think I might order from them again in view of their customer service.

  2. doris says:

    ya.. yee ling is quite nice. I’m glad she replaced another one for you. She always delivers the products to my place whenever i tell her i’m in Sin – she does her best ?

    Doris: Well, that’s a plus but I haven’t quite got over the poor packaging actually.

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