EO Body Lotion French Lavender

EO Body LotionMy fave organic skincare product supplier at People’s Park brought in a whole lot of products from EO recently and since I had a good experience with the the EO Lemon Verbena Shower Gel, I decided to get the EO Everyday Body Lotion French Lavendar this time round.

I love this stuff.  While technically it’s called a lotion, but in reality, I would call this a cream.  The texture is rich but is well absorbed by my skin leaving no greasy film.  And the smell is gorgeously fresh and not overpowering at all. 

EO Everyday Body Lotion French Lavendar contains Vitamins A& E and is made with pure French Lavender essential oil as well as organic herbal infusions like organic Chamomile flowers, organic Aloe Vera, Organic Calendula Flowers and Organic White Tea Leaf.

The 240ML bottle retails for S$28.50 before any discounts at Dargon Dors Cosmetics #03-1126, 32 New Market Road (People’s Park Complex) but it’s only US$6.05 online at Shopzilla.com.

The only gripe I have about this product is that it should come in a tube as the cream is thick and difficult to be dispensed from the existing container.  I have to leave it upside down always in order to be able to use this on a daily basis.  Nevertheless I would continue to use this product and may try out their other scents like Jasmine or Lemon Verbana. 

EO is relatively unknown but if you’re in the market for organic skincare products, you may know that their products are certified organic and are highly recommended.  For more information about their range of products, look up their website at www.eoproducts.com.


  1. Leon says:

    Hey Sesame, is it true that EO uses parabens in their products? I have never tried their products and was thinking of buying this lotion but I am confused.

    Leon: I didn’t hear anything about that. It’s not in their ingredient list but I see Dimethicone though…right behind.

  2. Leon says:

    I clicked on the link you have given and it says it has parabens. This link-


    Leon: I don’t remember seeing parabens when I was using this product. The supplier who sold me introduced me to their products and told me their stuff are parben free. Not sure if there’s a change in ingredients now.

  3. Leon says:

    oh do you think they would have reformulated it?

    Leon: I’m not surprised cos I know the Jason range changed their formulas on some of their products too. I’ll try to ask the supplier when I get the chance and see if I can find out anything. Will let you know again.

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