Best sunblock: Keys Solar Rx SPF 30+

Solar Rx SPF 30+ SunblockI must get my hands on Keys Solar Rx SPF 30+ Sunblock because this is now the safest and most effective product in the market. 

Keys Solar Rx SPF 30+ is currently featured on the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Report as the number one safest sunblock on the market.  Badger SPF 30 has moved to second spot since my last feature on the best and worst sunscreen list.

On top of that, Keys Solar Rx SPF 30+ is also rated the most effective non-waterproof sunblock for UVA and UVB in the Consumer Reports July issue. 

Based on what I’ve read, what’s great about Keys Solar Rx SPF 30+ Sunblock is that this is a chemical-free, non-allergenic lightweight lotion with broad spectrum UVA and UVB blocking 30+ protection which combines cosmetically clear transparent nano-zinc oxide.  Which means it is transparent on the skin when applied, and can be worn under moisturizer and makeup beautifully without leaving any white cast.   The product is also 100% vegan with no animal ingredients, by-products or animal testing.

I was initially concerned over the nano-zinc oxide because I’ve written about avoiding nano-based sunscreen before.  In fact, at EWG Skin Deep website, there is a highlight about this particular ingredient.

An estimated 30% of sunscreens with zinc oxide contain nano-size particles. Micronized zinc offers greater sun protection than conventional zinc. However little is known regarding potential health effects of micronized zinc oxide–especially the nano-size fraction.

However, this particular ingredient in Keys Solar Rx SPF 30+ sunblock has been flagged a rating of 3, which is of moderate hazard and as a whole, the sunblock has a low health hazard of 1.  So my take is that, the product should be safe for usage. 

And the good thing is the 100ml bottle is quite reasonable at US$19.95 with options for international shipping available.  So I’m definitely going to get this soon!


  1. miyo says:

    hi sesame:D .. i have decided to buy keys solar sunscreen
    but do you have any recommendation as to which webby to order from .. i cant seems to find US$19.95 for that ? ?

    many thanks

    miyo: US$19.95 was a special price they offered at that time. The usual is US$26+. I don’t think the product is available at other online stores but you might want to run a search through the search engines just in case.

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