Shapes and colors to welcome 2008

welcome 2008

Goodbye 2007 and welcome 2008.  And what will the fashion and beauty trend hold in the coming new year?  According to the experts, shapes and colors will dominate the scene.

Clothing fashion will transit from funky to refine and you should be seen in clothes that show off your shape like fitted tops, belted dresses and trousers with higher waistbands.  So unless you’re pregnant, you want to throw high-waisted baby doll dresses, shapeless tunics as well as any micro-miniskirts and extremely low-rise jeans out of your wardrobe. 

Belt-wise, pick either extra wide or super slim to fit your waist.  For your feet, you can still wear your platform shoes but you might want to check out gladiator sandals as they’ll replace metallic ballerina flats that are losing their lustre.   Bags can be big or small and you can still use patent leather which will continue to do fashionably well into the new year.

2008 will be a year of color and like fashion which is predicted to delve into pops of bright colors like candy and sherbet shades combined with stabilizing neutrals, women are reported to be drawn to noticeable shades when it comes to makeup in 2008, including red matte lips and more color on the eye.

“The colors sound intimidating — purple, orange, a peachy-yellow — but they will look really good.  It’ll be a sheer hint that gives you warmth,” said Linda Wells, editor of Allure magazine. 

She also recommended that if you do go with the more pigmented eye shadows, use a delicate rose color on the cheeks and lips and if you wear the bright red lips, tone down the eye makeup.  “You don’t want a lot of color on the rest of your face; that would be clownish.”

So show off your body, bring out the colors and have a bright and happy new year!

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  1. Gisele B. says:

    Indeed! I’m quite looking forward to the orange/tropical shades. These are soooo nice for summer and make you look fresh! As for purple…it doesn’t have to be scary. I have a shade of purple which I find a bit pale and I add a neutral taupe shade on my eye lid first and then I put on the purple…it gives a soft neutral-purpley shade that’s amazing during the summer months.

    Colour doesn’t have to be scary because there are many shades of coulours and you can always “grey” the shade.

    Gisele: I agree. I love colors, as long as they do not overpower me.

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