Derma Roller facial for new collagen growth

song hye kyo

I haven’t gone for a facial in months, simply because I no longer believe in the benefits they promise to deliver.  Over the years that I’ve had facials, I didn’t really see a significant improvement to my skin condition.  However, I’ve recently been considering going for a medical facial called the Derma Roller Facial.

Unlike your normal facial, the Derma Roller Facial is said to be a one-of-a-kind facial that uses a roller with multiple acupuncture-like points on your face to activate the skin cells to increase collagen production, ultimately leading to new healthy, plump looking skin with less wrinkles.  Already, I know of a few people, men included, who had good things to say about this particular medical facial.

And according to what I’ve picked out from The Sloane Clinic in Singapore, Derma Roller Facial helps collagen surge to the skin’s surface, thus amplifying the benefits of vitamin penetration and hydration by 4000%.  I don’t really know what those figures means, but they sure sound impressive to me.

The Derma Roller Facial is said to be beneficial for wrinkled, pigmented, sun damaged skin; skin with large pores; as well as skin with blemishes or pitted scars. The facial apparently has little downtime and is said to be painless.  Immediate after effects are redness and some have even experienced bleeding.  Each session cost around S$500 in Singapore, depending on the clinic you go to and most require two to four treatments to see desired results.

I’m currently finding a suitable clinic and waiting to find a good time before I head out for the treatment.  I’ll report back again when I do of course.


  1. Girl-Woman says:

    Please keep me posted on the outcome. I gave up on facials, too.

    Sure! I’ll definitely do a review over here.

  2. Jez says:

    Hi, you can try Wen & Weng at Vivo City. I’ve been seeing Dr Chee for a while & had undergone 2nd treatment of Derma Roller. His charges are a lot cheaper than Sloane.

    Jez: Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check the clinic out.

  3. army says:

    I tried this derma roller for 3 sesions already and i noticed very big improvement on my skin, even my friends noticed that my skin improved… i have deep acne scars then but now, they are less noticeable… i recommend this to all types of skin esp to those with acne scars like me

    army: That’s good. Where did you do yours?

  4. el_nino says:

    hey army.. how deep is the needle of the derma roller they used on ur case?

  5. emmelou says:

    You can actually buy your own Derma Roller on eBay for a fraction of the cost. Most last about 3 – 4 months. That’s what I’m going to do, for about $69 -$100.

    emmelou: Hey, that’s great savings.

  6. S says:

    If anyone is interested, the I bought my Dermaroller from a new European company selling Dr.Roller Derma Rollers.

    They have very good prices – one Derma Roller only for 69 USD (including worldwide shipping).

    You may look for more info.

  7. gwen says:

    hi. im a dermatologist from the phil and yes, derma roller is really good for acne scars, wrinkles and hair loss. i’ll be coming over to singapore sometime next month because a lot of my friends there told me that dermaroller is really very costly in singapore. they asked me to buy for them here. if you’re interested, you may contact me. and yes, you need to consult a dermatologist first before you do it. you need to apply some medications pre and post treatment.. visit my site at

    Gwen: Thanks! I’ll check up your site. However I would rather have a derma do it for fear of permanent scarring since I have no idea how to use this.

  8. Jo says:

    Hi Gwen, Where can I buy the derma roller in the Philippines.

  9. Jo says:

    I forgot to ask so you sell any tropical numbin cream?

  10. Mila says:

    I tried this facial roller, it’s really great. You can use it for any part of the body. It’s many-needle acupuncture of the certain zones and the biologically active points (reflex reaction) and by micromassage of the skin and underlying tissues. And also galvanic and electric stimulation.
    You will feel the result after the first session.
    I found a roller just for £20 in

    Mila: I asked the derm if I can use it during my recent visit. He thinks it’s not for me though. So from what you’ve described, it’s quite easy to use it on your own.

  11. Pedro says:

    Dear sirs,

    Please inform me about the ordering rocedure of derma roller. The minimum quantity and price.

    Yours faithfully,
    Pedro Basto

  12. cs says:

    Anyone knows what is the side effects if I’ve done this treatment to frequently? Once every 10 days for 7 treatment? It seems that I’ve developed black scar on my cheeks. The beauty center said it was ok but now I have doubt. Pls help.

    cs: I have no idea. I suggest you check with the professionals.

  13. KAYE says:

    We are on wholesale and retail selling dermarollers base in the Philippines. Our sets compose of retinyl palmate, vit.c serum, 30g emla 5% and placenta/collagen cream for a very reasonable price. tnxs.

  14. cherwin quiambao says:

    hi! ask ko lang if the dermaroller kit have also included the intructions guide on how to use it..?
    thanks .

  15. L. ROBERTS says:

    i’ll try anything to get my face back to it’s youthful appearance- i really dislike’ maturing,-lol.

    L. Roberts: Then you might want to read this entry here on how to reverse some of the aging signs.

  16. Ed says:

    I did one at the clinic and received the roller so I could continue the treatment myself. The immediate effect is very impressive two days after the treatment but after a week it seems to be gone. I was told that it is cummulative and after several treatments the results become permanent. Be very careful with sun, wear sun block at all times or you will get pigmentation.

    Ed: The dermatologist said I don’t need to do this and I also learnt later that it’s really damaging long term cos your skin can get sensitive to the sun.

  17. Ed says:

    Yes, it is a very abrasive treatment that should be done only if necessary. I have acne scars and I have done from chemical, cool touch, CO2 mosaic, all had only relative success and were too expensive to be repeated. Derma roller does give the same results and although I am not sure if the results will be permanent, they can be repeated at no cost at home once you got the treatment done at the clinic once.

    Ed: Yes, I read of some people doing it at home and that’s why people are looking for the roller.

  18. Shell says:

    Hi all,
    ? Is this product safe ? I’m thinking of purchasing to get rid of wrinkles (vain I know!) and uneven skin tone from sun damage. As I live in Australia I will be exposed to the sun after treatment.

    It would be good to get as many opinions as possible.

    Best. Shell

  19. sesame says:

    Best to seek professional advice and treatment rather than getting it and trying to use it on your own.

  20. arlene says:

    I bought a derma roller 6 weeks ago. I love it. It does take getting use to since the small little pointed spikes on the roller are sharp. But with time, it has been better to tolerate. I put my product on first , then use the roller. I see a different in my tone and brightness. A

  21. mari says:

    hi.. i have acne scars on my face and it’s really very disturbing, where and how can i purchase the roller here in pampanga or any nearby cities/provinces? im so desperate,, please help

  22. sesame says:

    I don’t know if it’s a good idea to do this yourself if you’ve tried it. You should get some professional advice before trying it.

  23. Mary says:

    There is an Irish company that offer the Dr.Roller branded rollers on their website.I have bought the .25 for my crows feet and the 1mm for stretch marks(2 kids).The give free delivery around the world and were only 45Euro each.I had seen cheaper ones on ebay but they were not FDA approved or sterilised.The Dr.Roller is one of the leading brands.

    I have seen pretty good results so far.Only have them about 2 months.Will keep this updated.

  24. open scar says:

    hi…how much does it cost if we go to the clinics here in the phil? i had acne scar and planning to have a treatment..i need help and advice..thanks in advance

  25. pisco says:

    You only need a clinic if you want to use needles above 1.5mm, otherwise you can do it in the comfort of you home, if you take the necessary precautions and use the instructions at stated.

    I did an article about this, you can have a look at

  26. scarlegs says:

    can i use the derm roller for my leg scars? i have deep, chickepox-like scares and some are dark. I tried many products from bleaching to chemical peel but some even became darker ?

  27. sesame says:

    It might work if you don’t have hairy hair but you probably need confirmation. Suggest you check with the source that sold you the equipment. Or if you’re having it done by the derm, then he/she would be in the best position to tell you.

  28. marie says:

    Hi iv recently had training on the derma roller i wouldnt advise anyone use any thing above 0.3 at home . Above 1.00 mst be done by a doctor . i use the o.2 3 times a week i love it . i apply the products after the treatment . i apply retinol o.3 sometimes phloretin Cf ( l-ascorbic acid) . The roller we use is medik 8 which has titanium needles . the medix 8 range is great it uses derivatives of retinol so its more suitable for the super sensative and they have a great vit c. Please be careful with these rollers certain ones are for body use only .

  29. sesame says:

    Thanks Marie for sharing your experience. That’s very good advice! I haven’t tried derma roller but I certainly agree with you that users ought to be careful using it on their skin.

  30. hez says:

    hie there im interested in trying out dermaroller.. you bought it from this website? how long did it take to reach u? do you use it everyday?

  31. sesame says:

    No, don’t get it from there. I read on the forums recently that they had delivery issues. I’ve also taken down the banner.

  32. hez says:

    oh ok thank u

  33. darlene says:

    pls tell me where can i purchase the derma roller. I want to try it on my stretch marks. Pls reply to my email. posted above. Thanks alot. Hope to hear from u soon. Darlene

  34. Nitz Carvajal says:

    so where is your clinic
    how much are the rollers?
    i need some to give to friends for xmas

  35. eds says:

    please tell me how much is dermaroller 1.5mm and emla 6% where can i get the items? thnx

  36. Chinese says:

    I tried this derma roller for 3 sesions and
    there is reduction of wrinkles and skin more firm after each time of treatment. Though, it didnt last for long time..after 3 weeks,
    the wrinkles shows again.

  37. sesame says:

    You’ll need to continue for a period of time but my experience tells me the products you use afterwards play an important role too.

  38. Nitz Carvajal says:

    how come no one tells me where to get this roller…i know someone who needs this desperately – and i will give her this as a gift!

    do you have bigger ones – big as a rolling pin – so more surface will be covered…I am serious! where will i get this?

  39. art says:

    where can i buy this here in pinas?thnx

  40. Dorri says:

    Is the article associated with the face above? If so, your skin is beautiful, why do you need derma roller when your face looks this good?

  41. estee says:

    You forgot to mention that derma rollers can also be used on the body. I’ve now bought my second roller (because you are supposed to replace the roller every 6 months or so as the needles dull out) for my hip stretch marks. They are actually a lot less visible now so I’m hoping another 6 months might clear them up totally.

  42. sesame says:

    I’m taking away the link on the website. I’ve heard some complaints on some of these sites and I don’t wish to have them promoted here.

  43. Rex says:

    I got it from extreme wellness group at sing$ 50. They have 2 popular size s 0.5mm and 1mm only. These are the best sizes for home use.

  44. Sesame says:

    That’s really cheap! Do check the roller needles to make sure they’re in good order.

  45. Lene says:

    I bought a derma roller at
    Yet to arrive. I guess it’s gonna take a couple more days. The comments above make me worry! I do have the tracking number, and the product is from Estonia.
    Is the link above the banned website that you mentioned?

    By the way, where can I find good derma rollers in Singapore? I rather get them locally then waiting and worrying if my products arrive or not..

    By the way, anyone tried on their scalp? Some medical reports stated that it’s very effective.

  46. Eliza says:

    Why buy it so expensive and keep worrying? I bought at Delivery is about 2 to 3 days. It is effective for Alopecia. Use 0.2 or 0.5mm length derma roller for Alopecia

  47. elyza says:

    Oh…that is cheap! 3 rollers for S$100. Do you send them oversea?

  48. Cher says:

    Thanks you so much! I got it from at S$100 for 3 rollers!

  49. desiree says:

    i had 3 session fractional co2 laser, can i switch to dermarolling

  50. Vilma Holtz says:

    I loved your article, it also could not believe a treatment that might help my skin. I have many acne marks. I’ve used the dermaroller and loved it, it was great for me. I hope it can help you too.

  51. Sesame says:

    Glad it worked for you.

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