Intensify your daily skin defense measures


While I’ve been turning to more natural and organic skincare products in my daily beauty regime, I feel I need to provide my skin with active repair and protection by going deeper with peels, retinol, antioxidants and possibly lasers to smooth out and tighten lax skin while spurring collagen production. 

My objective is to bolster my skincare regime and a healthy lifestyle with the least invasive anti-aging treatments to give me stunning results as my skin matures. So it was with this intention that I visited the dermatologist this morning, hoping to receive some form of immediate rejuvenating treatments to lighten up my pigmentation and minimize my pores. 

However, the dermatologist, someone who comes highly recommended but whom I’m seeing for the first time, didn’t feel I needed any aggressive treatments.  Instead, he just prescribed me two products.  One is Therapeutic Dermalogic Formula C Scape Serum and the other is Tri-Luma Cream, both of which will supposedly help to treat my skin problems.

TDF C Scape Serum 
It’s important at this stage that I defend my skin against collagen breakdown.  Hence, I’m willing to give this product a trial because it contains vitamin C which is essential for the production of collagen and elastic tissues that keeps the skin taut, supple and healthy. Besides serving as an antioxidant to help reduce lines and wrinkles in sun-damaged or aging skin, TDF C Scape Serum can also help to lighten skin complexion, improving elasticity and skin firmness to create a more youthful and even toned complexion.

Tri-Luma Cream
I’m however, a bit hesitant about this one because it contains 4% hydroquinone as well as steroids, ingredients which aren’t exactly safe for the skin or health.  I’ve actually tried hydroquinone, albeit a lower dosage some years back and I know that this is an ingredient to lighten up pigmentation.  However, I’m not exactly comfortable to use this fade cream with hydroquinone now even though it is  approved by the FDA and got a special shout-out on Oprah.  I guess I would just try it on a spot on my chin first before I decide if I want to apply it all over. 

So while I was glad I didn’t emerge from the dermatologist much poorer today, but I was a tad disappointed that I would have to wait a month or two before I can see any visible results.  On top of that, I’m not exactly confident about using Tri-Luma after reading the adverse effects that some users had with the product. 

But still, I’m happy to have taken the step of intensifying my daily skin defense measures which will hopefully help to give me sensational results overtime.  In fact, I would strongly encourage you to start planning yours if you haven’t already done so.  Let’s start small and aim big!


  1. Tracy says:

    i’m going to go visit a dermatologist soon – i am not so concerned with anti aging (i should at my age) but i’ve suddenly had a bout of breakouts so bad that it’s affecting my life! i’ve got pimples on my scalp. i realize that i’m allergic to so many things – and i’ve tried quite a few of your recommendations too ? l’occitane and mineral make up make me breakout.

    help! ?

    Tracy: I remember you wrote that a shampoo broke you out too. I think you should stop using these products and visit the derma. Your skin is sensitive if I remember correctly so we can’t pinpoint what ingredients affect you. I’ve had a friend who thought she had normal skin but broke out suddenly. The suspect could be something she took that triggered the sensitivity.

  2. Rachel says:

    I hope these products work well on you ?

    Based on your knowledge and experience on skincare, at what age would you suggest that a lady should start on an anti-aging skincare regime? I’m turning 23 this year and I was wondering if it was about time that I started on one.

    I appreciate your feedback ?

    Rachel: It depends on your skin condition. Starting a basic anti-aging skincare regime maybe too early and if your skin is good, then you just need to maintain with cleanse, tone and moisturize daily plus sunscreen protection. Scrub and masks once or twice a week should be good enough. You need to determine your skin type as well to get the right products.

  3. Tracy says:

    tks for the tip! i’ve always assumed that dermas are for serious cases and i still don’t think mine is serious until the scalp pimples kept coming and my breakouts are so constant that it’s is affecting my life. i’ve put it down as a priority to visit a derma when i fly back to kl soon ?

    Tracy: I don’t know about the situation in KL but over here, there is an abundance of dermas all catering to improving our aesthetics!

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