Collagen production: L-Ascorbic Acid

– the only useful form of vitamin C in skin care products
– a potent antioxidant proven to stimulate the synthesis of collagen 
– strengthens the capillaries and cell walls
– protect both beta-carotene and Vitamin E from oxidation
– easily absorbed by the skin and can stay for up to 72 hours
– is unstable and oxidize rapidly
– not capable of absorbing the sunlight 
– must be used with a sunscreen

Purported skin care benefits when applied topically:
– stimulates collagen synthesis
– accelerates cell renewal
– reduces fine lines and even visibly deep wrinkles
– inhibits melanin 
– reduces melanin oxidation
– helps in skin lightening
– improves radiance and firmness
– clarifies and evens out the skin tone 

Known side effects:
– mild stinging for some when first applied
– may cause irritation if applied too frequently

Products containing this ingredient:
– Skinceuticals Serum 10, 15 & 20
– Skinceuticals Eye Gel


  1. nicole says:

    Have you tried any product with this ingredient before? Any visible result?

    nicole: I’ve used Vitamin C many years ago once but I’m not sure what was the ingredient. Now, I’m using TDF C Scape Serum and it’s pretty good but it’s just a derivative of this ingredient. Check my latest post for the details.

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